Wednesday, December 28, 2016

The Start of the Christmas Weekend Included a Los Angeles Rams Game

Friday, December 23, 2016:

We started the long weekend with a meal at our home on Friday night with Jesus, Mike, Vanessa, Jacob and Mary.

 Jesus was happy as young
Jacob decided to take control
of the camera for some candids

Jacob wanted us to make funny faces for his photos . . .

. . . so we did,
Mysterious Vanessa

 Silly Gigi

Confused Poppo

Dazed Michael

Actually, I really like this artsy
photo that he took of us

As usual, the food was good but the friendship was better.

On to . . .

Saturday, December 24, 2016:

It might be Christmas Eve, but NFL football was back in Los Angeles and it seemed only right to give Jesus a ticket to the game as a Christmas present.

I gave one to myself as well.

Riding the Metro to the
Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

The Rams limped into the game with a record of 4-10 while San Francisco was a meager 1-13.

Unfortunately, the Niners only win was in their season opener at home by a sore of 28-0 against, you guessed it, your Los Angeles Rams.

We found festive Rams fans

But not many of them as our opponents today, the San Francisco 49ers and their fans easily outnumbered us even though it was our home game.

Welcome to the City by the Bay.

 The Science Center was in the
proper Holiday mood

Surrounded by Niner fans

 Pre-Game mini-tailgate
outside the Coliseum built in 1923

 Even though it was a
49ers - Rams game . . .

 . . . Fans of other teams were
enjoying the sunshine too

Lots of Red

Jesus getting into the spirit
of  Rams even though he
is a Redskins fan


 Photo Bombed

 We're in the stadium

I ought to take this tour someday

Joe Montana actually sat right
in front of us!

We did not think that that was the real Colin Kaepernick though.

 The 49ers took the field
to loud cheers

 The Rams took the field
to not so loud cheers

At Kickoff time,
the Coliseum was empty

 Merry Christmas from
the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum

 Since nobody was at the game,
we switched seats at halftime

 Gorgeous day!

Al Bundy was present


We had been ahead 21-7 at one point in the Fourth Quarter.

NOT A &%#@%*# CHANCE!

A Niners TD and successful two point conversion with 31 seconds left in the game followed by a Rams interception did us in again.

Only one way to handle such a deflating loss . . .

. . . Double-Double, Grilled Onions

 We felt MUCH better after
sharing this bounty

It was our Cena de Noche Buena and it was a good one!

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