Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Christmas Day 2016

Sunday, December 25, 2016:

Christmas Day is always a big day at our home as usually all of my side of the family reunites in Camarillo to exchange gifts and enjoy each other's company.

As for the gifts, we now only give presents to the undersized newest members of the family, as we all feel that we, the older folk, have more than enough possessions in our lives.

Jesus helping Laurie do
some prep work for our meal

Mary digging into
the cheeses and dips

 Great to have Jacob and Mary
in the house

We were missing Andy, Jenn and Kevin a whole bunch today, but we will see them soon in Las Vegas.

Jesus' team is the Murcia Cobras

"Gigi, when can we
open the presents?"

"Presents? What presents?"

Mike with cousin Leo

Cousin Max digging in with gusto

My Mom talking over the life of la
Duquesa de Alba with Jesus

 This one is for you Max

Mary's first Barbies

Jacob likes big presents

My sister Linda, Leo and
our niece Lauren

 Linda giving the necessary Barbie
tips to little Mary

Max and Jacob hugging after
signing their Christmas Present
Peace Accord

 Mike helping Mary

 "Jacob, would you like me
to help you open that present?"

"Thank you Aunt Linda!"

Great Grandmother Chuny
replacing Mary's hair ribbon

A boy and his troop transport plane

My sister Linda, me, my sister Marilyn
Our Mother Chuny

After our family left, Mary and Jacob still had their Christmas stockings to unload.

"What could it be?"

Christmas present overload


 "I really LOVE Christmas!"


"Jesus, do you want to have
a tea party with me?"

Vanessa and Mary

 Jesus seemed to have a good
time with our family today

Granddaughters are something
to ponder daily

Mary, me, Jacob and Laurie 

Laurie served up another great dinner with turkey, ham and all of the trimmings.

It was a joyous day for all of us I believe.

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