Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Long Drive Home After the PAC-12 Championship Game of American Football

Saturday, December 3, 2016:

After saying our goodbyes at our hotel to the Johnson family in the morning, we started the journey home.

We had one more stop to make in the greater Bay Area in the Silicon Valley suburb city of Gilroy.

The old Gilroy City Hall

 The City's Founding Father
John Cameron Gilroy
circa 1854

Shaking Hands

The reason for the stop in Gilroy was to get together with family, in this case, Mike's cousins Lyndsey Hicks and Sara Tidwell, plus Sara's lovable husband John.

John loves food, thus he is lovable in my book.

He suggested that we all go to a local's restaurant in Gilroy's historic old downtown district called OD's Kitchen.

 Just ordered our food

The OD in OD's Kitchen must
stand for Over Dose

Holy Mother of God!

I'm back in portion-crazy America.

It was excellent I must admit, but sharing a meal with family was even better.

L. to R.: George, Mike, Sara,
Lyndsey and John

 Gilroy Mural Artwork

I liked the Train Mural on the
side the cafe across the street too

Back on the road . . .

Bear crossing on the 101 Freeway
near San Luis Obispo

It made me wonder how the Osos Rivas Juniors did today against the Majadahonda Wildcats in a battle of undefeated clubs.

I was able to keep driving until we got to the Rest Stop at Gaviota Pass. At this point I tapped out and Mike drove the final 90 minutes to our house in Camarillo while I slept.

Once home, I revived, but lasted for only an hour maximum before Jet Lag completely kicked my butt.

The next thing I knew, it was Sunday morning.

Still, a great first two days back in California!

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