Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Thanksgiving Weekend

For our family, Thanksgiving has become a fun filled weekend in recent years, not just a day.

On Thursday we met at my Mother's house in San Marino, as is traditional.

 Mike and Mary were there

Kevin and Artie drove in from Las Vegas
for the festivities

Jacob was there too for the ever so
predictable cousins having fun days

 Mike and Laurie helped my sister
Linda in the kitchen

Andy and I drew yam KP duty

Jacob and Kevin were joined by their
cousin Max . . .

"Go long Uncle Andy!"

Mary irritating everyone at the
local PETA office

 The turkey looked GREAT
and tasted GREATER!!!

 Time to feast

Post meal cuddle time

Max, our niece Lauren and my
sister Marilyn

Thursday was a good day with the popular trinity of family, food and football reigning as king.

On Friday and Saturday, we shifted our sights to Casa Contreras in Camarillo.

 Mike erected his Civil War re-enactment
tent for the boys to use

I got even more quality cuddle time

As Andy, Jenn and Kevin (Artie too I suppose) will not be with us at Christmas time, we used Saturday for an early gift exchange for the kids.

Jenn getting ready for the storm

 Cars, we got more CARS!!!

Vanessa helping Mary with her first doll

Andy and Mary 

 Never seen anything like this at a
Contreras gift exchange before!

Mary is so little

Arms Dealer

 The boys with their weapons of choice

Kevin taking aim too

Hot Wheels were a huge hit

A doll, Jenn and Mary

Early Christmas was finished and
so is this blogpost except . . .

Reading Is FUNdamental


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