Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Christmas 2015 and the Washington Huskies Bowl Game

As is tradition, Christmas Day was spent at our home exchanging gifts, dining and enjoying the friendship of the Contreras side of the family. 

 Laurie set out a fine dinner table

She also set out a hearty snack table

Jacob opening the first of his many presents

The family gathered in the living room

Jacob is all business with his gifts

Cousin Max was in the house!

Max's Mom, our niece Lauren,
was happy

Jacob and Mike fighting over a gift

Jacob happy with a
"Magic Wand" from Spain

My sister Marilyn got just what she wanted

With my sister Linda and Jacob

With Mary, Lauren and Jacob

Cousins Max and Jacob both
looking WAY to innocent

Jacob in jail

My Mother and Mary

Mary checking out my reading glasses

Dinner with Mom and Linda

Linda, Laurie, Vanessa and Mary

Laurie did another amazing job organizing, decorating and cooking on this wonderful family occasion!

Thank you!!!

The day after Christmas was the day of the Washington Huskies' bowl game. The 6-6 Dawgs were playing the 9-4 Southern Mississippi in the Heart of Dallas Bowl.

With a properly attired Jacob and Mike

We gathered at our house to watch the game. It was an entertaining contest, especially because . . .


Reading Is FUNdamental

 Yet another fun read from the
Master of the Sicilian crime genre

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