Tuesday, December 22, 2015

On the Road for Two Weeks: Hawaii and Seattle

Time to do a little catching up . . .

Thanks to an invitation from our friends Mark and Susie Johnson, we started our Holiday Season with a flight to Seattle to join them and our new friends Mike and Susie Carlin for a few fun days in Kihei, Maui, HAWAII!!!

The view from our palatial condo in Maui

Food and . . .

. . . libations were the order of the day

First Friday festivities in Wailuku with
Laurie (6), Susie C. (4) and Susie J. (1)

Our son Andy said we should
definitely eat here, so we did!

No, that is not me

GREAT breakfast spot,
low in calories too

Laurie loves the beach

View from the condos'  pool

Again with the food

SICILIAN pistachio ice cream, YUM!!!

Heaven on earth?

Christmas time in Lahaina

Part of Lahaina's charming old town

It was time for Susie Johnson's  birthday
dinner at the amazing Hula Grill

Happy 29th Birthday Susie!

Blowing out the birthday candle

Things you see on an early morning walk

The ocean front lawn of our condo

Sunset in Maui

The Johnsons

The Carlins


Mike calling dibs at our latest dinner table

We had an incredibly enjoyable five days in the 50th state before returning for a week in Seattle.

Again, you see interesting things
on a morning walk in Seattle too

A Montlake Bridge tower

Husky Stadium

Chilly Lake Washington

George W. Contreras
Class of 1969

U of W Quad

U of W Quad

U of W Quad

Denny Hall
The U of W's oldest building

U of W's Henry Suzzallo Library

Suzzallo Library's Reading Room

Mossy Tree at the U of W entrance

Not the biggest but I believe the
best burger I've ever consumed

Cool totem near the Johnson home

Today's walk led me through . . .

. . . a wondrous wetland

We're not in Hawaii anymore

Husky Stadium from a different view

I like . . .

. . . the color green

Red too it turns out

It rained the night before in Seattle

Imagine that . . .

Nice old bench

Moss is SO in this season

Towards the end of our stay, we drove up to Camano Island to see the Johnson's new "cabin."

"Stately Manor" would be a better term.

Camano Island's eclectic bus stop
for aliens and their UFOs

GREAT breakfast at this cafe

The view of a rainy Puget Sound
from the Johnson's cabin

A MUST when you visit Seattle

Dangerous Mushroom

Not eating this one either

With Jason Johnson

On our last Sunday in Seattle, Mark and Susie hosted their annual Christmas party.

Our friend and former Catania Elephant QB Jason, no relation to Mark and Susie, was invited to the party.

It was great to catch up with him but we missed his wife Christy who was visiting her family in Canada.

Lake Union

Fall moving into Winter

The Johnson Home was all decked out for Christmas as we headed to the airport

One last shot for Ivar's clam  chowder
before boarding the plane

As always, it was a whirlwind 12 days
with the Johnsons in Hawaii and Seattle

And it was SO much fun too, THANK YOU!!!

Reading Is FUNdamental

Jack Reacher kept his kill-to-page ratio
fairly low in this one

Mary Russell becomes
Sherlock Holmes' apprentice

I liked it.

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