Thursday, October 16, 2014

Visitors from Sweden

One of the fun things about having coached American football for five seasons in Europe has been meeting wonderful people in each and every country that we have lived.

Sarah, Aston and Lucas Grip

While we can still stay in contact via e-mails and Facebook, but there is nothing like face-to-face contact.

Tonight we were excited to see two of our Swedish friends from our season coaching the Hässleholm Hurricanes back in 2010.

Lucas Grip was a tough minded offensive guard for the Hurricanes. His two brothers Jonas (The Godfather) and Rasmus were also stalwarts of our team that year. Jonas was a big, physical defensive lineman while Rasmus was a very quick outside linebacker.

Lucas and his wife Sarah are here on vacation and as an added bonus, we were introduced to their new baby boy Aston. He is so cute!

Accompanied by some coffee and fika, we had a delightful evening catching up on old times.

The City of Camarillo also wants to thank the Grips for spending the day shopping at the City's Outlet Mall all day long.

GREAT people.

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