Monday, October 6, 2014

Simi Valley Game

After our first loss of the season last week against San Diego powerhouse Cathedral Catholic, it was time to re-group and redeem ourselves.

Newbury Park Panthers (4-1)
Simi Valley Pioneers (1-4) 

The Pioneers, on paper, seemed like the perfect opponent for our rebound plans.

Nobody told Simi Valley's QB about our needs.

 October is
Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Remember the cause, not the style, SVP.

 With Coach Ryan Hurley

Ryan is a GREAT young line coach and a big reason for our success.

Subtle Pink in Warm-ups 

Tight Skim Drill

We did not do a good job of this in the game.

Cheerleader Warm-ups

The Pre-Game Stretching of
Nicolas Cellona

Luke Smith applying the Eye Black
to the same Nicolas Cellona

Captains Out

#9 Luc Germann - Scout Team
#17 Ryan Matlock - Offense
#6 Jack Ensey - Special Teams
#22 Kaiden Raduziner - Defense

Kalani Sanchez leading us out
with the BIG HAMMER

We were only suiting out 28 players today and it was still a balmy 99º F/37º C at kickoff time.


This could be a problem.


 Dario Longhetto starting the game
with a Touchback

 Andrew Noble in Hot Pursuit

Is Vincent Carreon trying to
strip the ball?


Great effort by Vincent in stripping the ball and giving us a short field.

SIMI VALLEY BALL: After Dario Longhetto's kickoff sailed into the end zone for a Touchback to start the game, the Panther's started off giving up seven yards on two plays but on that fateful second play, NT Vincent Carreon was able to rip the ball out of the Pioneer ball carrier's hands in the midst of a scrum and thus gave the ball to NPHS at the Simi Valley 27 yard line. Three and Out, Punt (sort of) #1!

There would not be many in this high scoring contest. 

 Tyler Hwang to Andrew Noble

Go Tyler GO!!!


NEWBURY PARK BALL: The Panthers covered the 27 yards in only four plays with QB Tyler Hwang covering the last four yards himself. Longhetto's PAT was perfect and, with 10:11 left in the First Quarter, it was Panthers 7 - Pioneers 0.

Kaiden Raduziner
Pick . . .

. . . SIX!!! 

SIMI VALLEY BALL: Good coverage by the kickoff team gave the ball to SVHS at their 26 yard line. On the second play of this drive, the Panther defense struck again. This time it was Kaiden Raduziner intercepting a Simi Valley pass and returning it 30 yards for a TD! T&O,P (sort of again) #2!!

Longhetto was perfect again on the PAT and it was NPHS 14 - SVHS 0 with 9:29 left in the First Quarter.

This is when the Pioneers woke up, the game was afoot!

 Again with this Noble kid

SIMI VALLEY BALL: The Pioneers started this drive in their best field position to date at their own 47 yard line. It only took six plays for the Pioneers to cover the required 53 yards, ending their scoring drive with a 39 yard TD pass. Their PAT was true and it was Panthers 14 - Pioneers 7 with 7:49 left in the First Quarter.

Gun Slinger

Tyler Hwang would have another solid passing performance completing 16 of his 24 passes for 175 yards and two TDs.

He now has 1,496 yards passing in our six games, good for 19 TDs and three two-point PATs.

Raduziner in the Open Field

Cellona turns the Corner

NEWBURY PARK BALL: A nine play, 37 yard drive would stall out on downs at the SVHS 22 yard line.

The SVHS QB was GOOD!!!

That's Better

SIMI VALLEY BALL: The Pioneers marched 78 yards on ten plays with the QB covering the last 11 yards before being stripped of the ball by Tyler Hwang. A Simi Valley linemen fell on the ball for the TD. The PAT was tacked on and it was now 14-14 with 24.7 seconds left in the opening period.

NEWBURY PARK BALL: A 15 yard run was the only play that the Panthers could get off as the wild First Quarter came to a conclusion.

Crazy First Quarter Ends
Tied at 14 All

Simi Valley had 20 plays for 139 yards while NPHS countered with 14 plays for just 79 yards. Thanks to man opportunistic defense and good field position, the Panthers were still in this game.


A Wall of Blockers

Get 'Em Going Tyler

When in doubt . . .
find the "Noblest Panther of Them All"

NEWBURY PARK BALL: The Panthers' drive that started in the waning moments of the First Quarter continued. Ten more plays were highlighted by a fake punt that found Luc Germann hitting Ryan Matlock with an 18 yard pass and a key first down. The final play of the 11 play drive was a 28 yard TD pass from Hwang to Noble. Longhetto's pass was perfect and the Panthers enjoyed, if only briefly, a 21-14 lead with 7:38 left in the First Half.

 Tackling the wrong Pioneer

SIMI VALLEY BALL: It only took SVHS two plays to score, the final 77 yards on this QB keep off of the zone read play. Another Pioneer PAT made it 21-21 with 6:53 left in the Second Quarter.

A Good PAT Block Effort

Andrew Noble's 70 yard Kickoff Return

That got our next drive started at the Pioneer 12 yard line.

Ryan Matlock's TD Grab 

NEWBURY PARK BALL: Two plays was all that was needed as Hwang found Matlock in the end zone. Longhetto again added a point and the Panthers were in front again 28-21 with 5:32 left in the Second Quarter. 

QB Sack by Vincent Carreon

SIMI VALLEY BALL: The Pioneers fought back with a seven play drive that gained only two yards after this QB sack by Vincent Carreon stymied SVHS forcing another fateful play for the Pioneers, a punt.


NEWBURY PARK BALL: Andrew Noble fielded the Simi Valley punt on his own 24 yard line. After several open field cuts, he cruised into the end zone 76 yards away with another Panther TD. Longhetto added another point and it was now NPHS 35 - SVHS 21 with 3:15 left in the First Half. 

 Dario Longhetto was a perfect
Six for Six on PATs against SVHS

#22 Kaiden Raduziner
Forces a Fumble . . .

 . . . and #2 Tavis Valenzuela
Recovers It!!

SIMI VALLEY BALL: SVHS only had the ball for two plays, covered 13 yards, but on the pass completion pictured above they turned it over. T&O,P (sort of yet again) #3!!!

Ryan Matlock's 35 pass reception

NEWBURY PARK BALL: Hwang hit Matlock for 35 yards on the first play of the drive but would turn the ball over on downs four plays later.


SIMI VALLEY BALL: The Pioneers could only get off two plays that gain 4 yards before the First Half ended.

The Scoreboard read Panthers 35 - Pioneers 21.

At the half we had a 14 point lead even though we had been out gained by Simi Valley 243 yards to 189 yards.


Kalani Sanchez on the catch

Tavis Valenzuela grabs one too

NEWBURY PARK BALL: The Panthers wasted no time with their first possession of the Second Half in driving 53 yards in just four plays. Ryan Matlock ran a reverse in from 29 yards out for his second TD of the game. Dario Longhetto did not disappoint on his final PAT attempt of the day.

With 9:23 left in the Third Quarter, it was NPHS 42 - SVHS 21.  

Good Pressure on the SVHS QB

Sanchez cutting the Pioneer
RB off at the pass

SIMI VALLEY BALL: A 32 yard run to start this drive but four more Pioneer plays could only net one yard as SVHS turned the ball over on downs.

NEWBURY PARK BALL: A three and out punt after only gaining one yard.

SIMI VALLEY BALL: A ten play, 30 yard Pioneers' drive stalled on downs at the Panthers' 10 yard line.

NEWBURY PARK BALL: NPHS snapped the ball four times before the end of the Third Quarter gaining 39 yards.

After Three Quarters
Panthers in Control

By the way, for my friends involved in American football in Europe, this is called a "Score Board" and every field actually has one. Note that the time is kept for all to see.


Nicolas Cellona TD!!!

NEWBURY PARK BALL: NPHS continued their drive that started in the Third Quarter, going another four plays for 51 yards with Nicolas Cellona running the ball in to pay dirt from 11 yards out. Cole Thompson kicked the PAT, Panthers now up 49-21 with 10:47 left in the game.

Barring overtime.

Simi Valley would NOT go away!

Vincent Carreon, two-way lineman
Our only cramp of  the very hot day

SIMI VALLEY BALL: Showing a lot of character, SVHS marched 85 yards on ten plays scoring on a two yard run. Their PAT was good again. Panthers 49 - Pioneers 28 with 7:29 remaining.

 Ryan Matlock Sweep

Kalani Sanchez cuts for SIX!!!

NEWBURY PARK BALL: Six plays, 50 yards and a Kalani Sanchez 4 yard TD scamper. Noah Figgins added the last Panther point of the game. Panthers upping their lead to 56-28 with 4:26 left in the final stanza.

 Tackle by Dario Longhetto
Isaiah Chavez in Pursuit


Connor "The Hatchet" Hobson
in on a tackle
Scout Team Gang Tackling

SIMI VALLEY BALL: The Panther Scout Team was well represented on this drive as the Pioneers ran off another ten plays that picked up an additional 75 yards. The TD play was a one yard run and the Pioneer PAT was good again. Panthers 56 - Pioneers 35 with 1:01 left in the game.

NEWBURY PARK BALL: Two "Victory Kneel Downs" sealed the win for the Panthers.


Newbury Park is now 5-1 while Simi Valley drops to 1-5.

We were out gained 466 yards to 383 yards but still won by three TDs. Our kicking game and 100% ball security (0 turnovers to SVHS's 3) were the keys on this day!

 Coach Scott Ellis talking to the
team in the afterglow of victory

And the Game Hammer goes to . . .

. . . Vincent Carreon

Great effort by this young man on this warm afternoon.

The Panthers have a BYE this coming week before traveling to Westlake H.S. (2-3) on October 17th for another 4:00 p.m. game.

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