Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Fillmore's Pumpkin Patch Train

On a very hot Saturday morning, Laurie and I joined Mike, Vanessa and Jacob for the drive out to the quaint city of Fillmore to partake of their Fillmore & Western Railroad Company's train trip to a pumpkin patch in nearby Santa Paula.

Jacob LOVES Trains

What little boy doesn't?

That is our vintage train on true left.

This car is now a store selling
train trinkets of all types

A Mighty Engine Indeed

Mike, Jacob and I

Engineer Reporting for Duty

There's Gigi!!!

Jacob was fascinated and . . .

. . . AWED!

Is that guy a bandit?

We rode in this car

Jacob and Mike
checking out the train station

Downtown Fillmore

Looking from one car to another

Cantankerous Cuss with a Shotgun

If we don't look at him,
maybe he'll leave us alone

First the Shotgun,
Now a Stick of Dine-O-Mite!!!

"Are they for real, Popo?"

This part of Ventura County
is Farm Country

Our Informative Conductor

Farm Country Indeed

Arrival at the
Santa Paula Pumpkin Patch

The old train took it slowly and arrived in Santa Paula in about 45 minutes. It is not a AVE/bullet train by any stretch of the imagination.

"Popo, I want this one!" 

Shade at the Pumpkin Patch's
Food Court

Ride 'Em Cowboy

Nice Shape

We Passed on Both

Mike, Jacob and Vanessa

"That's a BIG train, Popo."

Found this warning on
the trip back to Fillmore

Still taking it all in

Laurie and Mike

I'm Tired!

After a hot but fun train trip, it was back to Casa Contreras for a dip in the "pool."


I think that Jacob had a Good Time

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