Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Glazier Clinic in Costa Mesa, CA

The rains came to Southern California this weekend but, undaunted, I opted to attend the Glazier Football Clinic held in Costa Mesa. The drive there and back was not easy.

As is the norm, there would be several merchants in attendance as well trying to peddle their wares to the coaches at the clinic.

Cool Facemasks

Washington and North Carolina
were in the house!!!

 So was Maryland and their
state flag oriented helmet


 Buzz Preston
WR Coach at Georgia Tech

My main focus was to hear various coaches talk about the things that they teach in their programs that might be of help to those in attendance.

There are usually either eight or nine coaches speaking at the same time on a wide variety of topics, so you have to do some serious evaluating about what you need to hear each hour.

Here was the list of the coaches and topics that I heard:

Friday - 6 Hours of Lectures and Demonstrations
Dan Corbet, College of the Canyons
"3-3-5 Front Adjustments for Multiple Offensive Personnel"
"3-3-5 Stunts and Zone Pressures"

Ed Orgeron, former Southern California interim coach
"Establishing the Proper Mindset to Stop the Run and the Pass"

John Neal, University of Oregon
"Oregon DB Fundamentals - Parts 1, 2 & 3"

Saturday - 5 Hours of Lectures and Demonstrations
Buzz Preston, Georgia Tech
"Georgia Tech Midline Option"
"Georgia Tech Triple Option"

John Shipp, Golden West College
"Golden West Fly Sweep Out of the Pistol"

Jerry Campbell, Clovis West High School
"Installing the 4-2 and 4-4 Defensive Scheme, Philosophies and Alignments"
"Installing Defensive Line and Linebacker Responsibilities for the 4-2 and 4-4 Defensive Schemes vs. Multiple Formations"

It was at the end of this engrossing speech that I opted to leave the clinic, as the advent of pneumonia and more driving in the rain to get home forced me to make an exit, stage left, three hours before my original plans.

Not as tough as I used to be.

Monday Practicing Grandparenting

I had to stay a minimum of one room's distance so as not to infect young Jacob. Thus, Laurie had to do double duty today.

She usually only does 185% of the work when we have Jacob.

King of the Ottoman Empire 

But this box will do just as well


"Let's Go That-a-Way"

Reading Is FUNdamental

Greek mythology, autistic savants, nuclear holocaust, Gypsies, Mother Russia and Sigma Force . . . why would I not love this book?

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