Thursday, February 27, 2014

Guests From Lyon

It was a fun day today as we were witness to not only a French invasion of Camarillo, but a Lyonnaise one at that! 

 They Bore Gifts

Delicious French pralines and two cards signed by several of the Falcons were quite a surprise.

Who were these Frenchmen you ask?

Max and David

Max once played O-Line for the Falcons while David has been the Falcons' starting Right Guard for several seasons.

Max, one name only, and David (Fion) Melin are here for a few weeks as they try to figure out all of the ins and outs of perhaps opening a restaurant somewhere in Southern California.

Wait, did I just say In-N-Out? We had to have lunch at one of SoCal's iconic burger stops.

David and I opted for the traditional Double-Double. Max, ever the savvy restauranteur, went boldly to the Three-by-Three.

After lunch, we attacked the Camarillo Outlet Mall complex. Let us just say that the boys helped the tax base of our fine community greatly.

Loot to be Exported Soon!!!

Our next stop was a tour of a typical American high school but which one?

 Rio Mesa of course!

They were awed by the
R.M.'s Weight Room

That is R.M.H.S. Athletic Director Brian FitzGerald photo-bombing this shot.

They were impressed by the facilities, especially in comparison to a typical French high school campus.

Dinner at Camarillo's Bandits BBQ

Laurie joined us for dinner, Max and David loved the baby back ribs.

No matter what the French
language sign in our kitchen says,
they are Good Guys!!!

As I said, it was a fun day!

We are getting together again next week in Los Angeles closer to where they are staying. Can't wait!!!

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