Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A Quiet Super Bowl XLVIII Gathering

Super Bowl XLVIII
Seattle Seahawks (15-3)
Denver Broncos (15-3)

On paper, it sounded like a great match-up, Seattle's #1 rated defense against Denver's #1 rated offense.

Two thoughts,
A. You don't play games on paper and

I know that my coaching friends who love the Spread/Zone Read offenses will balk at that last statement. Don't get me wrong, I really like the direction that offenses are heading but sooner or later it seems it usually come down to who plays better defense and has good Special Teams play.

On this Sunday, Seattle DOMINATED in every phase of the game, no contest.

Final score: Seattle 43 - Denver 8

Meanwhile, at Casa Contreras we just gathered with our nearby family to enjoy a quiet afternoon of football.

Vanessa, Jacob and Mike were
properly dressed for the occasion

Jacob wasted no time in letting his
curiosity get the best of him quickly

 Laurie LOVES to host gatherings

Wondering where Jacob
got his hair gene

 Pre-Game Fumble Drill


It drives me crazy to hear people rag on Peyton even after this miserable day in Broncos history.

His playoff record is now listed at 11-12 with "only" one Super Bowl Championship. That means that he has helped teams into the post-season THIRTEEN times, how many QBs in NFL history have equaled or surpassed that statistic?

Dan Marino is rightfully considered one of the NFL's all-time great QBs but he "only" led the Miami to one Super Bowl game and the Dolphins lost it. He gets nowhere near the heat that Peyton gets, in part I suspect, because he never got the opportunity to fail on the big stage like Peyton.

The bottom line is simply that the Broncos team lost to a far superior Seahawks squad. 

Jacob and Peyton sharing a
National Anthem moment

Laurie's Desserts Were Delicious

And they were oh so good for me too . . .

Jacob Dreaming About His
Football Future

Playing in the Backyard
at Halftime

Surviving the Second Half

Finally, the carnage was over

Of course, from the third quarter on, Facebook was buzzing with all sorts of Broncos/Manning bashing.

The most interesting comment that I read was from a self-avowed devote Christian friend who was happy that Seattle won because in his post-game interview Seattle QB Russell Wilson gave praise to God. He further stated that he was glad that Denver lost because Peyton Manning never gives praise to God.

No, he may not, but Peyton does live his life without controversy and handles himself at all times over the many, many years with class and dignity. Crazy, but that speaks volumes to me as well.

Final thought on the Peyton Manning bashing. His father, Archie, played 13 seasons with the Saints, Oilers and Vikings. He is one of the game's most revered people. Yet, in 139 career starts, his teams were a dismal 35-101-3 having thrown 125 TD passes and 173 interceptions. He never played on a team with a winning record and thus has no post-season wins or losses. Still, he is revered while Peyton has to endure such harsh criticism.

Although I have never been a Colt or Bronco fan and only have passing interest in the NFL, Peyton deserves better. He is still a class act in my view.

Perception is reality I guess.

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