Monday, March 24, 2014

Jacob's Second Birthday Party

Grandson Jacob turned two years old last Tuesday so we had to wait until Saturday to properly celebrate his big day.

Laurie and Vanessa decided to go with a theme based on one of Jacob's favorite movies, "Cars."

Bounce House . . . CHECK

Motor Vehicles . . . CHECK

Balls . . . CHECK 

Banner . . . CHECK

Lightening McQueen Balloon . . . CHECK

 "Oh So Good for You" Cupcakes . . . CHECK

 Birthday Cake . . . CHECK

Kid's Name Tags . . . CHECK

Weird Beverages . . . CHECK

Weirder Beverages . . . CHECK

We were ready . . . 

Mike and I during
the calm just before the storm
Like Father . . .

. . . Like Son

Jacob experiencing some
Bounce House Balance Issues

Cousins Nicholas, Jacob and Nathan

 The Chick-fil-A Cow was in the house!

Their chicken nuggets were INCREDIBLE and, yes David Lassen, they were indeed "OH SO GOOD FOR YOU!!!"

Everybody loves a cow photo-op!!!

Mike, Moo, Jacob and Vanessa

Families were EVERYWHERE!!!

John, our Mailman, stopped by
for sustenance

Lovely Liliana

Nathan, WAY overdressed 

 Maverick wanted more of a "Planes" motif

Cousin Max with my sister Marilyn,
his Grandmother

 Ben Todd and Michael discussing the
long range effects of the Spanish Civil War

Laurie and my sister Linda arguing
who was a better racer,
Doc Hudson or Lightening McQueen

All of these kids in the house made
for an exhausting afternoon

I need a Pit Stop!

Kids, kids, kids . . .

I hope Jacob picked up a few grooming
tips from these two handsome boys

 The McQueen Mother on her Throne

Grandpa Tito on
Playground Supervision Duty

My Mom, Aunt Katie and Max

 Jacob just blew out the candle

 Checking out a six-week old party crasher

 Lots of presents!!!

Jacob's new TV Chair!

 Jacob's Aunt Elizabeth and
Grandma Laurie bouncing

Sad Moment rolling up the
Bounce House after
nine hours of continual use

As I said earlier, exhausting but so much fun seeing lots of family and good friends. A BIG thanks to Laurie and Vanessa for going all out to make this day so special for Jacob!!!

Reading Is FUNdamental

Marco Polo, angelic script, plagues, cannibals, pirates, mysterious Angkor temples and mutant strains of bacteria . . .

Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, Sigma, SIGMA!!! 


David said...

Hmmm ... I notice there are no photos of you with the cow. Are you moo-nlighting?

George said...


Laurie said...

Oh, David . . .