Saturday, October 22, 2011

Oxnard at Rio Mesa Game

Oxnard Yellowjackets (1-0 PVL, 3-3)
Rio Mesa Spartans (1-0 PVL, 5-1)

Friday night's game promised to be a key match-up in the very competitive Pacific View League. If you are a fan of high school football, you got your money's worth.

One of three rushing TDs by
Jordan Nunnery

Jordan had another outstanding game for the Spartans. He rushed 19 times for 103 yards and 3 TDs. On defense, he was in on 4 tackles, broke up 2 passes and blocked a crucial Oxnard field goal attempt at the end of regulation.

Jordan would score the first points of the game as the first quarter came to a close with the Spartans leading 6-0.

TD Catch by Davonte Nunnery

He had 2 catches on the night, good for 19 yards including this 10 yard TD catch from Trent Thornton.

At the half, it was Oxnard 14 - Rio Mesa 12.

Christian McNair for Two Points

Nice body position. At this point his catch gave the Spartans the lead at 20-14.


We needed this, but with better discipline against the option and naked bootleg.

Our basic concept vs. option teams is simple really. If you are going to run the option then you must have a good running threat at QB. If you don't have that quality in your QB then don't run the option.

Thus, we must account for the QB on every snap. We worked hard on this all week, but come Friday night our boys did not even come close to attaining this most necessary team goal.

We were not disciplined.

It cost us dearly.

After three quarters, the Spartans were in the lead 27-20.

Davonte Nunnery, Free Safety

Davonte had another solid night at Free Safety where for the second straight game he was in on 16 tackles.

This was very good for Davonte but a very bad sign for our defense.

At the end of four periods, the score was tied 27-27.


Oxnard QB Oscar Sandoval
The Difference Maker

We use the NCAA overtime system in high school. The ball is placed on the 25 yard line with teams having equal, alternating possessions until you have a winner.

We had the ball first and had to settle for a Tim Dominguez 30 yard field goal to take a 30-27 lead.

Now it was the Yellowjackets' turn.

The key play was a 3rd and 6 play from the 10 yard line. During an Oxnard timeout, I was intently listening on my headset from the pressbox as our Defensive Coordinator on the field stressed continually to the defense that the QB would be the one making the play. He exhorted our players to be disciplined and take care of their responsibilities.

Not a chance.

Iso to our left, QB naked boot to our right. All of our players on the right side bit on the Iso.

Thier QB was finally tackled on the 1 yard line and they scored the winning TD on the next play.

The final score was Oxnard 33 - Rio Mesa 30.


For more on the game, click on this link to the Ventura County Star's article:

Week #7 Results: BOLD = RM Opponents
Pacific View League Games:
Oxnard 33 - Rio Mesa 30 O.T.
Channel Islands 42 - Pacifica 35 O.T.
Camarillo 58 - Hueneme 14

Channel League Games:
Ventura 20 - Buena 6
Santa Barbara 35 - San Marcos 21
BYE: Dos Pueblos

Week #8 Games: BOLD - RM Opponents
Pacific View League Games:
Hueneme (0-2 PVL, 2-5 overall) at Rio Mesa (1-1, 5-2)
Oxnard (2-0, 4-3) at Channel Islands (1-1, 5-2)
Camarillo (2-0, 4-3) at Pacifica (0-2, 2-5)

Channel League Games:
Santa Barbara (1-0 CL, 4-3 overall) at Ventura (2-0, 8-0)
Dos Pueblos (0-1, 0-7) at Buena (1-1, 2-6)
BYE: San Marcos (0-2, 1-7)

Pacific View League Standings
Camarillo 2-0 PVL, 4-3 overall
Oxnard 2-0, 4-3
Channel Islands 1-1, 5-2
Rio Mesa 1-1, 5-2
Hueneme 0-2, 2-5
Pacifica 0-2, 2-5

Reading is FUNdamental

After reading a series of dark, depressing Scandinavian noir mysteries in recent weeks, I opted for The Amber Room, a mystery/adventure novel given to me by our son Andy on our last visit to Las Vegas.

I found it to be a fun, bright read as it mixed the Nazis, Stalinist Russia, priceless stolen art treasures, World War II and the murders of the two protagonists' parents, along with dozens of innocent commericial airline's passengers and another 15 to 20 "bad guys" to boot.

The Scandinavian mysteries are really dark afterall.

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