Saturday, October 8, 2011

Amadita Ruiz de Villa

Dr. Amada Ruiz de Villa

My cousin "Amadita" passed away yesterday after a thankfully short battle with throat cancer. She had her 64th birthday last Saturday.

As a boy, when our family would vacation in Cuba, I always looked forward to getting into mischief with her in San Antonio de los Baños where her family lived. Those are some of my best childhood memories.

Last night, to kickoff Cancer Awareness Month, many of the players for both Buena and Rio Mesa donned pink gloves, sox, wristbands, etc., to honor those who have fought with this terrible disease.

As I saw these flashes of pink, it brought me into a quiet, pensive mood as I relived those hot, humid days in a small town outside of Havana.

Miss you cousin.

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