Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Jordan Nunnery Show, a.k.a., the Huneme at Rio Mesa Game

Hueneme Vikings (0-2 PVL, 2-5)
Rio Mesa Spartans (1-1 PVL, 5-2)

Friday night was Homecoming and Senior Night as the Spartans, still reeling from last weeks overtime loss to Oxnard, played their last regular season home game. The coaching staff was very concerned due to what amounted to our worst week of practice in a long, long time.

QB Sack!!!

We did a very good job applying pressure to the Vikings QB all night long.

Jordan Nunnery's First TD Scamper

Jordan had only 10 carries but they accounted for 279 yards rushing and 3 TDs!!!

On the night, the Spartans ran the ball 30 times for 422 yards and 5 TDs. We totaled 445 yards of offense on 41 plays against the Vikings.

LB Tanner Wrout Blitzing

I like seeing two other Spartans coming off of their blockers to add presure to the Hueneme QB as well.

Flying Around the Ball

Punt Block Team Get-off


Jordan Nunnery on the loose . . .

His 3 TDs covered 37, 84 and 84 yards.

Davonte Nunnery's TD Run

Davonte scored from 12 yards out and, thankfully, was only in on 8 tackles this week from his Free Safety spot as our defense played much better.

#91 Sean Bainbridge, Pass Rusher

Starting late in the 3rd quarter, we were able to clear our bench and get all of our players into the game. Sean, whose Mother takes all of these game night pictures every week, did a good job rushing the passer. Thank you, Susan.

#56 Kelly McKaig-Marquez

Another player who contributes so much each day in practice with his hard play on our scout Tiger teams.


We overcame our poor week of practice and won the contest 42-13.

Up next is a crucial contest at Channel Islands H.S. against a much improved Raider squad (2-1 PVL, 6-2). After the Raiders 27-14 victory over Oxnard Friday night, we are tied for second place at 2-1 in Pacific View League play with Channel Islands and Oxnard. Camarillo, who we play away in our season finale, sits atop the PVL at 3-0.

We have two very tough games to end our regular season to say the least.

To read the Ventura County Star's account of the game, click on:

Week #8 Results: BOLD = RM Opponents
Pacific View League Games:
Rio Mesa 42 - Hueneme 13
Channel Islands 27 - Oxnard 14
Camarillo 63 - Pacifica 22

Channel League Games:
Ventura 34 - Santa Barbara 14
Dos Pueblos 9 - Buena 6
BYE: San Marcos

Week #9 Games: BOLD = RM Opponents
Pacific View League Games:
Rio Mesa (2-1 PVL, 6-2 overall) at Channel Islands (2-1, 6-2)
Camarillo (3-0, 5-3) at Oxnard (2-1, 4-4)
Hueneme (0-3, 2-6) at Pacifica (0-3, 2-6)

Channel League Games:
Ventura (3-0 CL, 9-0 overall) at San Marcos (0-2, 1-7)
Dos Pueblos (1-1, 1-7) at Santa Barbara (1-1, 4-4)
BYE: Buena (1-2, 2-7)

2011 C.I.F.-Southern Section
Western Division Playoffs

There are only two weeks left in the regular season and the C.I.F.-S.S. Playoffs are set to start on November 18th.

The Pacific View League, as well as the Channel League, will send teams to the C.I.F.-S.S. Western Division Playoffs.

The Western Division is made up of six leagues with a total of 36 schools.

The top two teams in each league get automatic bids into the playoffs. After these 12 teams earn their playoff bids, the C.I.F.-S.S. will then select four Wild Card teams to round out the 16 team bracket. The playoff is a single elimination, four week affair.

"People Remember
the Games in November!"

Let's take a look at how the six Western Division leagues are shaping up down the stretch.

Pacific View League Standings:
Camarillo 3-0 PVL, 5-3
Channel Islands 2-1, 6-2
Oxnard 2-1, 4-4
Rio Mesa 2-1, 6-2
Hueneme 0-3, 2-6
Pacifica 0-3, 2-6

Channel League Standings:
Ventura 3-0 CL, 9-0 overall
Dos Pueblos 1-1, 1-7
Santa Barbara 1-1, 4-4
Buena 1-2, 2-7
San Marcos 0-2, 1-7

Mission League Standings:
Chaminade 3-0 ML, 7-1 overall
Serra 3-0, 6-2
St. Paul 1-2, 6-2
St. Francis 1-2, 6-2
Harvard-Westlake 1-2, 5-3
Cathedral 0-3, 3-5

Ocean League Standings:
Santa Monica 3-0 OL, 7-1 overall
Culver City 2-1, 6-2
Inglewood 2-1, 3-5
Hawthorne 1-2, 5-3
Beverly Hills 1-2, 2-6
Morningside 0-3, 3-5

PAC-7 League Standings:
Arroyo Grande 5-0 PL, 8-1 overall
San Luis Obispo 3-1, 6-2
Pioneer Valley 2-2, 5-3
Righetti 2-2, 5-3
Atascadero 2-2, 5-3
Paso Robles 1-3, 2-5
St. Joseph 0-5, 2-6

San Gabriel Valley League Standings:
Dominguez 3-0 SGVL, 6-2 overall
Paramount 3-0, 4-4
Downey 2-1, 3-5
Warren 1-2, 1-6-1
Gahr 0-3, 5-3
Lynwood 0-3, 2-6

Reading can be FUNdamentally . . .

Danish Crime Fiction

As the title implies, our heroine, Smilla, has an incredible knowledge about both snow and ice. By the end of this 453 page tome I had learned more about these two subjects than anyone ever has the right to know.

Besides Smilla's knowledge, we also got to know a lot more about her native Greenland which now ranks at the bottom of my Bucket List of places to visit.

Near the end, this book which starts off in one of my favorite European capitols Copenhagen, the constant talk about the sheer boredom of life growing up in the stark landscape of Greenland almost drove me to get out a large Phillips head screwdriver and poke my eyes out.

No, you should not rush out to read this one.


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