Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rumor Mill

The NFL's Seattle Seahawks suprisingly fired their Head Coach, Jim Mora, after just one season yesterday.

The hot rumor this morning is that USC Head Coach Pete Carroll is about to accept a five year contract worth $35,000,000 to coach the Seahawks. Now this rumor sounds just peachy keen to me!

The second and by far more disturbing rumor of the day would send current University of Washington Head Coach Steve Sarkisian back to USC to replace Carroll.

Sarkisian was a long time assistant at USC before leading the Huskies to a solid turnaround in 2009 in his first year at the Husky helm.

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I may need to buy it AND one in Swedish, if they have it, to fully express myself if Sarkisian leaves the UW for USC!



Anonymous said...

I have it from reliable sources that Sark would not leave Washington for a lower-tiered school like USC!


George said...


DPLassen said...

I don't think you have to worry ... Neuheisel fills the L.A. area's quota of ex-Husky coaches.