Monday, January 25, 2010

Everyday Life in Camarillo

Every day in Camarillo is not a celebration. Unlike Catania, some weeks go by and not one fireworks display is seen anywhere in the night sky. Thus one must improvise.

First up was a soccer game at Rio Mesa against Pacifica with our son Mike.

Can you guess which shadow
belongs to Mike?

Spartans on a break-away

Defending a Pacifica Corner Kick

Not a good day for the Spartans as Pacifica outplayed us and won rather easily.

El Niño

El Niño is a weather condition that hits Southern California about every five or six years.

2010 is indeed an El Niño year. This means lots of rain, tornadoes and even water spouts off our nearby coast.

At Casa Contreras, El Niño means cleaning out the culvert behind our bougainvillea plants so that the hard charging water coming off our hillside can safely avoid flooding our back yard.


A couple of shovels, some rakes and rain gear . . .

Mission accomplished, the culvert was cleared as we faced a week of rainstorms with no damage to our home!


The Galloping Ghost
Dylan Moore

We had our good friend Dylan over for dinner the other night along with his Mom, Cyndy, and Grandmother, Debi.

Food, Wine and Friends

Good times don't have to be spectacular if any of the above three factors are in place.

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