Wednesday, January 6, 2010

2010 Citi BCS National Championship Game Preparation

On Tuesday, I started my pre-game preparations for the. . .

2010 Citi BCS
National Champiuonship Game
to be held at. . .

The Historic Rose Bowl
Pasadena, California
between. . .

The #1 Ranked, 13-0
Southeastern Conference Champion

Alabama Crimson Tide
and. . .

The #2 Ranked, 13-0
Big XII Conference Champion

Texas Longhorns

Why go down to the stadium two days before the game you ask? Simple. . .


On game day these stands will be stormed by 100,000+ crazed fans, Tuesday they were all mine! I was free to browse at my own leisurely pace and make my decisions as to how to spend my discretionary funds.

Now understand, the BCS is ALL about money, up to and including the souvenir stand.

A souvenir game program. . . $15

An XXL long sleeved T-shirt. . . $45!

Now this was a cause for discussion with the three people helping me as this shirt was "only" $40 for any size smaller than XXL. "Why?", I asked. "Extra cost of the cloth.", they answered. Then shouldn't a Small T-shirt only cost, say, $25 because it takes less cloth?


Fat guys, we should all consider a class action suit!

Needless to say, the total amount of money that they will be taking in at all of these souvenir stands throughout the stadium and in the nearby, trendy Old Town Pasadena area could easily back a full scale rebellion in a South American Banana Republic!

I was good for at least a bazooka or two yesterday.

The City of Pasadena's Finest

This baseball field is located adjacent to the Rose Bowl and there are massive amounts of parking spaces all around the field.

Lots of RVs were already enjoying the 78ºF day as they staked their claims to prime parking real estate days in advance.

Here is something you would NEVER see
at the UEFA Champions League Final

Yes my Sicilian and Swedish friends, Alabama and Texas fans parking their RVs next to each other with no barriers between them, no police presence and no rioting!

America, what a country!!!

Even street signs!

Stuffed SEC opponents "hanging out" with Bama fans

Bevo Stylin'!

Well, that's it, I'm ready to see the game!

Not on TV, LIVE!

As usual, my old college buddy, Mark Johnson, comes through yet again with tickets!

Mark has gotten us into so many major football events, including the seven Rose Bowls that our beloved University of Washington Huskies have played in since January 2, 1978.

His other six big ticket coups for us have been:

1999 BCS Championship Fiesta Bowl
Tennessee 23 - Florida State 16

2001 Major League All-Star Baseball Game at Seattle
American League 4 - National League 1

2004 BCS Championship Sugar Bowl
LSU 21 - Oklahoma 14

2006 NFL Super Bowl XL at Detroit
Pittsburgh 21 - Seattle 10

2006 BCS Championship Rose Bowl
Texas 41 - USC 38

2007 BCS Championship Game at Glendale, Arizona
Florida 41 - Ohio State 14

Look for Mark on TV, he'll be the one in the purple Husky clothing with the positive attitude.

When queried "Why the Husky gear?", his answer is always simple, "Just scouting out the game for next year when the Dawgs will be playing in it!!!"



live2010 said...

The 2010 BCS National Championship Game will mark the culmination of yet another thrilling college football season by featuring an exciting match-up between the No. 2 BCS-ranked Texas Longhorns versus the No. 1 BCS-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide who will compete for the national title.

George said...

If you say so. . .