Monday, December 21, 2009

Cooking Italian

Sunday night we had Mike and Vanessa, as well as our niece Lyndsey and her husband Craig, over for our favorite, a homemade Italian dinner!

Craig and Lyndsey live in San Jose, a five hour drive from Camarillo, and were spending the night at Mike and Vanessa's home before driving another 90 minutes south to be with their families for the Holidays.

The main dish would be Mostaccioli pasta this evening!

Here I'm cutting tomatoes as I prepare the sauce that will elevate the Mostaccioli to the culinary bliss that I learned in Catania from the many Master Chefs who masquerade as the parents, wives or girlfriends of Elephants' players.

Sweet Italian Sausage, a MUST, on the right

Sauteed vegetables simmering on the left.

Group Shot

Craig and Lyndsey are between me and Laurie.

Laurie sets a MEAN table!

Mostaccioli ala Aci Castello

Here's to you Al Tubo!!!

Alert Guard Cat

Taking no chances with visitors in the house, Bridget stood watch over the Christmas presents!


Anonymous said...

It was an amazing meal George!! Thanks again! You should really try to get yourself a food network show...move over Giada!!!

Michael Contreras said...

Que delicioso! Thanks Pappy.