Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Day 2009

It was just a BEAUTIFUL Christmas Day in Camarillo as the Holidays continued!

Mr. and Mrs. Contreras x 2

This would be the last sighting today of these people in anything resembling normalcy.

Exhibit A:
"A Charlie Brown Christmas"

The boys are now the proud new owners of a
1954 Wilson Franks
Ted Williams Baseball Card

They are only the third person to own each card in the last 55 years!

Miguel Contreras Learning Center
Cobra Pride!

Thanks to Contreras Head Football Coach Pete Carrion for coming through with these great hats and sweatshirts for Christmas!!!

Ruby Red Slippers door stop

Laurie loves The Wizard of Oz so this was a perfect gift!

Swedish Fish?

There seems to be a Swedish theme this year for some reason.

VERY strange indeed

Sweet Potatoes
THE main dish for me at Christmas Dinner

My sisters Linda and Marilyn

They both make the Holidays a little more special for me.

Cuban Cigar Humidor

AWESOME! Thanks Lorenzo!!!

Mike and our niece Lauren

The zaniness of the day turned just a little serious, Lauren is working on becoming an Elementary School teacher and is taking the classes that Mike just finished.

Mike is passing on his notebook to help her through the difficult and, at times, confusing California TPAs that all new teachers must pass in order to earn their teaching credential.

Mike D'Antuono sent this CD via my Mother

There's that Swedish theme again. . .

My Aunt Katica, Vanessa and
my Mother Chuny

Once again a SUPERB day!!!

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