Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Eve 2009

Christmas Eve saw us taking our traditional drive to Orange County for gift exchanging, games, caroling, food and friendship at the home of our In-Laws, David and Gayle Hicks.

It is also an excuse for a group of relatives to act as goofy as they want for an afternoon and still please everyone! Although we all tend to complain about Gayle's annual series of games and singing of Christmas carols before the fact, we seem to leave their home each year a little closer as a family with decidedly warmer hearts.

Two Goofy Souls

Craig McKenzie, cousin Lyndsey's husband, and Mike are kindred spirits.

Thank goodness I only get to wear this shirt once a year!

Our Hosts the Hicks

Gayle, Laurie's sister, and Dr. David

The Hicks Kids
Scott, Amy, Tim and Lyndsey

In January Tim and his Dad are going on a two week medical mission to the northern area on India! It should make for some fascinating stories the next time we get together.

Madonna and Child?

Santa Craig

Craig gladly accepted the role of Santa Claus and did a splendid job handing out the gifts.

My nephew Tim's gift to me

My first ever bottle of Svedka Vodka straight from Sweden! I could get used to this beverage.

Andy with his Star Wars Christmas
Darth Vader bobble head doll!!!

Is it possible to be any happier?

Grandpa Bill with his hand painted
Rotary International plate

Laurie and Gayle found it together for their Dad when we were in Caltagirone, Sicily last Spring!

Christmas Present of the Decade!

Lyndsey had asked all of us to send her pictures of all of Bill's children, grandchildren and spouses to use in this interesting "Family Tree" frame.

I have watched Bill open Christmas presents for the past 45 years and it is safe to say that in his mind this is the best one he has ever received!

Christmas Charades

Gayle's Yule Time Game of the Year this day was charades with an obvious Christmas flavor.

The group was divided at random into two competing teams and soon were doing friendly battle.

Unfortunately for our side, Laurie was one of our teammates. She of course could not keep quiet and blurted out the correct answer for our opponents on not one or two but THREE occasions!

This morning before leaving Camarillo we happened to talk about Laurie's only foray into the world of theater, her junior high role as Christmas Future in The Christmas Carol. This role is a non-speaking one that requires only the ability to make a long sweeping motion of you arm to show Ebeneezer Scrooge another glimpse into what the future has in store for him if he doesn't change his ways.

If you know Laurie at all, you realize what a stretch of her artistic talents this role calls. . . playing a mute character for about five minutes! IMPRESSIVE

When it came time for me to pull a a charade prompt from the basket, wouldn't you know I drew the book/movie title The Christmas Carol!

Easy, right? I just pointed at Laurie and made the necessary long sweeping motion with my right arm to which Laurie promptly yelled out "HORIZON!" and then "LANDSCAPE!". . . now there are two words that always pop up in any Christmas discussion. Finally, after switching to a Tiny Tim charade our team correctly surmised my clues.

The relationship between Laurie and I will never be quite the same again.

Tim and Amy caroling to their hearts delight

Amy's beau Brian is left to wonder.

All in all,

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Tim Marek, Nevada said...

Holy Smoke Andy...looks like you are wearing a shirt you stole from Ricky Ricardo!...( at least he's Cuban right? ) However,...your Dad's shirt can also double as a holiday table cloth! Merry Xmas