Friday, July 29, 2016

A Busy, Warm Month of July

July 10-28, 2016:


The last few weeks in SoCal have been HOT so we have visited Carpinteria, a.k.a., "The World's Safest Beach," on more than one occasion.

Great Beach

Great Vistas

Yes, those are Viking ships waiting to raid the California coast sometime soon.

 Great Brewery

Great Cheeseburger

Carpinteria has everything that we need to escape the heat and it is only a 30 minute drive up the coast from Casa Contreras.


We were invited to join our friend Helen Fujita for the Los Angeles premier of the movie "Gleason."

It was a first for Laurie and I. Helen's son Scott is a former NFL player (11 seasons with Kansas City, Dallas, New Orleans and Cleveland) who was a Producer of the film and a close friend of the documentary's subject, ex-New Orleans Saint Steve Gleason who is courageously battling Lou Gehrig's disease.

 The Premier Theater at L.A. Live

Casual Dress

After all, it is Southern California.

An unknown, to me, starlet
on the Red Carpet

As usual, we avoided the paparazzi.

Steve Gleason

The tall man standing behind him is Scott Fujita.

The guy in the sun glasses next to Scott is some guy named Matthew McConaughey.

I gathered that he is famous.

The film opens nation-wide today

It is a powerful, thought provoking and emotional roller coaster of a film.

It is also a must see film.

Scott and Helen
with poor back lighting

Post Screening Party

We had passes.

I gather that we must be famous too.

Wolfgang Puck's

The Post Screening Party was being held at Wolfgang Puck's Restaurant on the 24th floor of a nearby hotel building.

 Laurie and Helen

Because I was the Designated Driver, they were boozing it up on the Producer's tab.


 Debi Murphy's Grandson Dylan
in Hot Pursuit

We watched him play in his Summer League game and he is really good. He scored two offensive TDs and also had two defensive scores on Pick-Sixes.

On behalf of the Washington Huskies, I offered him a scholarship on the spot.


July 17th was our 45th

We celebrated with breakfast at a
great French bistro, Chocolatine,
in Thousand Oaks


Our Granddaughter Mary celebrated her first birthday on July 23rd so Jenn, Andy and Kevin came into town from Las Vegas.


 Andy, Kevin, Michael and Jacob

Let the games begin!!!

Jedi Warriors

Ventura County's
Criminal Element

Michael trying to enforce the
Laws of the Land

Rally Racing practice
during a breakfast at Cronies

 Mary's First Cronies experience

The Birthday Party's theme
was Snow White

She not one but TWO Prince Charmings!

As soon as this photo was taken they were both happy to change into more subdued shirts.


 "Please Mommy, PLEASE"

"More Rum!"

As usual when we all reunite with family and friends, we all had a wonderful time.


Lead Singer Chris Pagliaro

We journeyed up to Santa Barbara last Sunday to take in this fun group.

With Chris Pagliaro and
his son Vince

Chris was a long time Head Coach at Newbury Park H.S. before moving on to an Assistant Coach job at Santa Barbara City College.

Vince was the Head Coach and Chris was his assistant with Madrid's Osos Rivas American Football Club in 2001 when the Osos won their only Serie A Spanish National Championship in their 37 year history.

It was Chris's stories about life coaching in EuroBall that helped lead me to my first overseas coaching experience with Sicily's Catania Elephants in 2008.

Speaking of experiences . . .

45 seasons coaching in
California High Schools
Seven seasons coaching in Europe

The newest sign arrived at last!

Reading Is FUNdamental

Interesting but it could have easily
been a pamphlet

GREAT historical read

Some eerie parallels to what is happening in America today.

Jesus, Mary AND Joseph

The beautiful vacation island of Gotland in Sweden may be the scene of the most twisted writers on the face of the Earth.

This is the fifth of Mari Jungstead's mystery novels set on the island that I have read. When I visited this idyllic island while spending a glorious weekend in the medieval, walled city of Visby, I would never have guessed the danger that was constantly surrounding me!

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