Sunday, March 20, 2016

Mini-Golf, St. Patrick's Day Feast and Not One But TWO Birthdays!

We had a busy weekend to say the least.

Miniature Golf

On Thursday I took Jacob to Ventura's Golf and Stuff amusement arcade for his first taste of the manly game of miniature golf. 

I should have done a better job
explains some of the basic rules

On the other hand, he needed to explain the rules of the various arcade games, also at this site, to me.

St. Patrick's Day

Thursday was also St. Patrick's Day all over planet Earth. Where to celebrate the day you ask?

Why at the Murphy Cottage
of course

Cyndy and Debi Murphy served us a delicious traditional Irish meal and, yes, Guinness was also present at the feast.

Jacob's Birthday

Friday was a very special day for our family as young Jacob celebrated his fourth birthday!

Mike and Vanessa opted to hold Jacob's birthday party on Saturday the Chuck E Cheese's in Thousand Oaks.

It is, by definition, a no-holds-barred venue with kids having lots fun while adults are left shaking their heads.

Star Wars was the Theme

The cupcakes were delicious

 Jacob reveling in the loot

Jacob and Great Grandma Chuny

It's Chuck E Cheese HIMSELF!!!

Chuck and all of the usual suspects

Jacob was dancing with joy!


 The candles were lit . . .

. . . but not for long!

It was now time to open the presents . . .

This one was from Andy, Jenn and Kevin

What is it?

. . . his name framed with Star Wars
themed letters
 Cousin Max was in the house!

Gigi with little Mary

Jacob with his cousins Nicholas,
Nathan and Max

Life in the ever popular

Nathan and Jacob mesmerized
by an arcade ride

 The cousins sharing the
driving duties

 Jacob and Great Aunt Marilyn
killing aliens by the scores

Although I think that everyone had a wonderful time, Jacob may have gone over the top by the end of the afternoon.

 See what I mean

Sophie Johnson's Birthday

On Sunday we drove down the scenic Pacific Coast Highway to Gladstone's Restaurant which is located right on the sand of the Pacific Ocean for a birthday brunch.

On this occasion we celebrated the 20th birthday of Sophie Johnson, the eldest daughter of our long, long time Seattle friends Mark and Susie Johnson.

Sophie's sister Mallory and three of Sophie's classmates from her school, BIOLA University, also joined us for food, fun and friendship.

 A fun loving group to be sure

 Our birthday lady,
Sophie Johnson

We always have so much fun when we get together with the Johnsons no matter in what part of the globe we meet!

Reading Is FUNdamental

Death to ALL gang rapists

I'm sure that Donald Trump would back me up in this sentiment.

If he does, we finally have some common ground.

Italian art, cuisine and
a tour of Siena at Palio time

What was not to like in this book?

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