Thursday, March 31, 2016

An Extended Easter Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada

To many people Las Vegas, Nevada is "Sin City" with the mindset of "What Happens in Vegas, Stays in Vegas."

To us, it is the home of our oldest son Andy, his bride Jenn and our four year old grandson Kevin.

Our trips to the Nevada desert are family get togethers with lots of food and fun and rarely a trip to the famous Las Vegas Strip.

Since it is a five hour drive each way, we always try to pack as much catching-up as possible once we arrive.

Kevin's mantra was simple all weekend long, "Play with me."

So we did.

Saturday and Easter Sunday produced a rare victory for the adults . . .

. . . we wore Kevin out!!!

What were the odds at Caesar's Palace on this happening?

On Monday morning, while everyone else was still asleep, Andy and I ventured into the heart of Las Vegas to visit the University of Nevada, Las Vegas' (UNLV) Spring football practice which started at 8:00 a.m. on the Rebels' first day back from their Spring Break.

A modest sign led us to the practice field
Nice mural inside UNLV's sports complex

Freddie Bastiand, is that you?
The old Rebel decal may not be PC today

 Starting the practice with
a Tackling Circuit

Another Tackling Station

Practicing Defensive Run Fits

Time to Scrimmage

The wind was whipping across the practice field making it quite cold for the non-participating spectators. After about one hour on the field, we opted to check out UNLV's Weight Room.

Not huge, but well equipped

The Rebel

Chains to improve the efficiency
of each rep in the Weight Room

Of course, in Las Vegas, they might serve other purposes.

When we got back home all
were awake

Some were even having fun with Play-Doh.

Eventually, the Play-Doh morphed
into real lemon cookie dough

Chefs at Work

What a team!

While the cookies cooled off, we were off to lunch at a new spot for our Vegas family, Grimaldi's Pizzeria

Instead of crayons, they gave Kevin
a hunk of pizza dough to work

What a charming and different idea. The pizza pan dusted with flour made even more fun. 

Grimaldi's makes GREAT pizza by the way

Post pizza Futbol Fest at
Kevin's nearby park

 Look at that footwork!

Kevin is playing soccer for the first time this Spring.

Mickey Mouse Pancake

One last breakfast and we were on our way home to Camarillo, but first we had to make one stop before leaving the Silver State.

The HUGE Bass Pro Shop

No, definitely NOT for non-alcoholic Moonshine.

I wanted to buy one of those multi-pocketed fly fishermen's vest so, if I ever get to go back to Europe, I can stuff it full of heavier items that will not count against my luggage's weight allowance.

The Las Vegas Bass Pro Shop is the Disneyland for any and all outdoors sports enthusiasts. Probably not a hang-out for the typical PETA member I suspect.

We decided to break up the drive home by stopping by to see my Mother in her home in San Marino, California.

Surprise! Unbeknownst to us, Mike, Vanessa, Jacob and Mary had decided to visit her too!

Small world.

 Great Grandma Chuny feeding
Mary Elizabeth at dinner

Laurie and I are blessed with my Mother, our two sons, their loving wives and three wonderful and, at times, goofy grandchildren.

Reading Is FUNdamental

I can't get enough of this
funny Sicilian Policeman

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