Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween is easily one of the biggest days on the calendar for any child whose last name is Contreras.

Let the 2015 version be celebrated!

Laurie set the table

All of our pumpkins and Jack-o-Lanterns
were on display

Jake of Neverland Pirate fame
was in the house!

Careful with that butcher knife Jake

Wendy and Peter Pan flew in for
the festivities

A sumptuous Halloween spread

Helen and Rod Fujita joined in on the fun

Brian FitzGerald was with us too

His lovely bride Koreen was with us too but she was a bit camera shy.

Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily and Peter Pan

Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk
and Iron Man

Heroes just having fun 

Old friends, young friends

Wendy, Tinkerbell, Tiger Lily,
Peter Pan, Jake and Smee

One of our French friends mistook me for Jacques Cousteau. An understandable case of mistaken identity.

 Tinkerbell, Up Close and Personal

It's dark, time to hit the neighborhood,

Load up the children, we're on the hunt
for mouthwatering treasures 

I did not know that the man from
the Monopoly game lived near us 

One house gave the adult males
stacks of baseball cards

 Lots of loot for the boys and
more memories I suspect!

Fun Times INDEED!!!

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