Tuesday, November 10, 2015

2015 Civil War Re-Enactment at California Lutheran University

On Saturday, Laurie and I escorted grandson Jacob to California Lutheran University for the 15th Annual Moorpark Rotary Club's Civil War Re-enactment.

Those are indeed the two sides

They would engage in three battles on Saturday and two more on Sunday.

Jacob's Dad, Michael, fights
in the Union Army

He has been involved in several of these re-enactments thanks to the urging of long time C.W. re-enactor and Newbury Park football coach George Hurley.

Does Michael know about this?

After all, he would be sleeping in a tent at the site awaiting
Sunday's battles.

Isn't that General U.S. Grant?

Time to assemble

Saluting and the cigar was not injured

Start breaking camp . . .

. . . the Rebs are coming!

Marching into battle

Interesting uniform and mustache

That HAS to be General Robert E. Lee!

No Jacob,
you can't help Daddy this time

Better than Goat Leggings

The Union Cavalry . . .

. . . would face the South's artillery

Moving a Union cannon into position

A good mortar can do damage too

Union forces getting in position


Relax a bit, the Rebs aren't here yet

Rebs tend to live in the suburbs

This ambulance wagon will be
put to the test today

A horse just itching for a fight!

Michael facing the enemy . . .

. . . LOTS of enemy!


That flag is stretching the boundaries
of political correctness!




The Volley Back . . .

. . . depleted the Rebel ranks


Down goes the Flag Bearer . . .

Michael saves the Flag!

It was a tough day for the Union as they lost this battle but I think that in the long run the North will win the war.

A Rebel Cavalry Man

Union survivors returning to camp

Michael with the Flag


General Grant assessing the damage

Colorful Hat

Country Folk caught up in the action

"Daddy, YOU'RE ALIVE!!!"

It was a good day today

Michael in his 1860s leisure clothes

Jacob and the Flag of the Republic

These re-enactments are always entertaining and lots of fun when a loved one is in the fight.

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