Monday, October 12, 2015

The French Invasion of Southern California Continues at Pierce College

A reminder . . .
There is no "I" in Team and
there is no "A" in Mother.

Just saying . . .

On Saturday night, I joined the Paul, Joanne and Nicole Sabolic to watch a Community College game at Pierce College in Woodland Hills.

Their son/brother Jason is the Head Coach of Pierce's 3-1 Brahmas football team.

Pierce was hosting the 2-2 Orange Coast College Pirates whose roster included a former Bron-Villeurbanne Falcon from France.

The player in question was #48, Louis Condevaux, a strapping 6'3", 210 lbs. Tight End.

Our friends from Lyon, Justin and Vivien Villard who were at the Washington-USC game with us last Thursday night, would join us tonight as well.

Pierce punting in the red

Justin hiding behind Vivien during a selfie

As is often the case, the action in the stands was as interesting as the game itself. The game was a sloppy one with at least five turnovers for each team.

A physical and fast OCC team prevailed on this warm night 35-7.

 OCC post game huddle

With Vivien and Louis after the game

Louis is much bigger than I remember him. He is getting the chance to live the dream of every American football player in Europe, a year of intense training in the sport that we love in the USA!

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