Friday, October 30, 2015

Our First Jack-O-Lantern

On Thursday, Jacob and I dropped by our local Ralph's Supermarket to buy a pumpkin.

After all, it is Jack-O-Lantern season and the two of us had never carved one together.

It was a good sized one but I don't think
Jacob knew what we were about to do

Well that was fun!

Jacob was initially excited until he touched the pumpkin's "guts."  That was not what he expected at all!

He opted to use the ice cream
scoop instead of his hands

Once gutted, it was time to draw the face

Jacob's placement and rendering of the nose was an issue.

Plucking out an eye 

Almost done

Bob the Pumpkin
is ready for Halloween

Today's artistic effort was one of life's simple pleasures to be sure.

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