Thursday, September 3, 2015

Cookies and a Spanish Football Coach's Honeymoon Visit

The temperatures in Southern California are finally dropping, so there was only one thing to do . . .

. . . teach Alberto how to bake
All-American, delicious
chocolate chip cookies!

Alberto is a master at mixing ingredients as it turns out.

 Gingerly removing his first batch
of cookies from the oven

 They were DELICIOUS!!!

At lunchtime, we drove to Cronies in Camarillo to dine with Bart Iaccarino and his bride Chiara Aschieri who are honeymooning in California after getting married in Italy.

Alberto and Bart each eating
Cronies' signature Big Daddy Burger

One of the many great things about spending six seasons coaching American football in Europe has been the wonderful people that we have met.

Last season in Spain, I was fortunate to finally meet Bart in person after a few years of being Facebook friends. Bart has been the Head Coach of the Reus Imperials for the past few years and has built a program there that should be the model for all EuroBall teams.

All of his hard work and preparation led to a perfect 10-0, 2015 season and the Spanish DII crown. In 2016, the Imperials will move up to DI and I am sure that Bart will have his team more than ready for the challenge.

With Alberto, Bart and Chiara

Another good day in Ventura County with GREAT people!

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