Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Alberto Onofre Martinez Talavera's 16th Birthday

On Monday, Alberto Onofre Martinez Talavera (A.K.A., El Guapo, The Ankle Breaker, Main Man, The Magician, El Diablo Guapo) turned Sweet 16.

So, after practice, we went out to dinner at Bandit's BBQ Grill and Sports Bar to celebrate.

El Guapo with Laurie

Here he is seen wearing the Drew Brees jersey that we gave him as a birthday present.

Who dat?

The Ankle Breaker
with his light dinner

Main Man gets a surprise dessert

The Magician seems pleased

El Diablo Guapo enjoy his
birthday dessert

Birthday Hug

He offered to take out the trash if I hugged him.

It was an offer that I could not refuse.

Laurie prepared some more
birthday fun for Onofre

And OH SO good for you

Alberto blew out the candles
with precision


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