Monday, December 8, 2014

Jo Nesbø's "Cockroaches"

Reading Is FUNdamental

This is the second of the ten Jo Nesbø books in his Norwegian Inspector Harry Hole series. 

I had already read books one and three through nine in the series but for some reason the second book in the series had only recently been translated into English.

I find this series fascinating as our hero, Inspector Hole, has more than just a few dark flaws in his character that he always seems to overcome to save the day.

Addictive reading.

It was when I picked up this book in the Camarillo Library that I discovered that there is now a tenth book in the series, Police, published this past Summer.

It should make for a good read on the plane flights to Spain via Russia.


David said...

Spain via Russia?

What, the flight through Australia was sold out?

George said...

Tough flights for me but extremely cost effective for the Cobras.