Friday, December 12, 2014

Central California Coast Get-Away

With the 2015 American football season in Spain fast approaching, Laurie and I decided to take off for a couple of days and take a quick tour of some of our favorite places along California's Central Coast.

First stop . . .


As this sign attests, Solvang's roots are traditional Danish.

Just in time for some FIKA!!!

In Scandinavia, fika means a good cup of coffee and an oh so sweet pastry as a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

In Sicily, fika means something totally different.

The elf guarding this store made
Laurie buy yet another pair of shoes

Looks Danish to me

There she goes shopping again

After boosting the local economy with several much needed purchases, we headed farther North to the splendid city of Pismo Beach where we spent the night and enjoyed a fabulous dinner at Giuseppe's Italian Ristorante.

Pismo Beach Pier

Dawn breaking over the Pacific Ocean

A great morning for a walk!

Waves breaking near Pismo's Pier

" . . . it's beak can hold more
than it's belly can."

GREAT place for clan chowder!

Highly recommended by
former player Erik Peterson

Cream Cheese Icing is
healthy, right?

The hygienic
San Luis Obispo Gum Wall

Just a few minutes North of Pismo Beach is the great college town (Cal Poly SLO) of San Luis Obispo. 

There are dozens of great spots to eat and have an adult beverage in SLO, don't let the Gum Wall scare you.

Still full from the morning's cinnamon rolls, we only shopped and saved ourselves for a late lunch in . . .

Avila Beach

This is another artsy beach town located between SLO and Pismo Beach . . . very relaxing indeed!

Avila Beach Mosaic

After a nice lunch at the Hula Hut, we continued homeward bound to our next stop.

Laurie's favorite Central Coast vineyard

Over the last 25 years or so, California's Central Coast has become a hotbed of vineyards producing excellent wines.

Laetitia never disappoints

Future vintages

As I was driving and not imbibing of the grape, we made one more pit stop in the heart of the wine country, Los Olivos.

Gas Station turned Trinket Store

Persimmons blooming in Los Olivos


Lots more wine tasting for Laurie and yet another infusion of cash into the community's coffers!

It was a good couple of days alone together and we needed it as I leave for Spain soon.

I will miss her.

Reading Is FUNdamental

I could not wait to read this on the plane trip to the Iberian Peninsula, so I checked it out of the Camarillo Library instead.

Harry Hole may be a train wreck as a person, but he is my train wreck.

Jo Nesbø does it again!

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