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More JV Football Action: Agoura at Newbury Park

Another good week of practice and it was now time for . . .


Agoura Chargers (1-1)
Newbury Park Panthers (2-0)

The Charger's came into the game with an explosive offense having beaten Hueneme 45-0 before losing a wild contest to Ventura last Friday 43-42.

How are we going to stop them?

It was a

That was a nice catch in warm-ups by Tavis Valenzuela. It was sunny and very warm!

Mike talking to FS Shawn Gocke

Half Panther, Half Gargoyle

Captains Out

#22 Kaiden Raduziner representing the Offense, #53 Vincent Carreon for the Defense, #18 Dario Longhetto for the Special Teams and #54 Isaiah Chavez standing in for our Scout Team.

Here Come the Panthers!

Final words for the Kickoff Team

Nathan Zager in Hot Pursuit

Agoura's Ball: Dario Longhetto kicked the ball into the end zone for a touchback. The Chargers gained 8 yards on their three plays and opted to punt. Three and Out, Punt (T&OP) #1 on what would be a long first half for the Panthers' defense.

QB Tyler Hwang on a 35 yard TD romp

Newbury Park's Ball: After a fine 29 yard punt return by Andrew Noble, it only took two plays before Tyler Hwang found pay dirt on this fine 35 yard scramble. Dario Longhetto added the PAT and it was NP 7 - Agoura 0.

Dario Longhetto
Another Touchback

Agoura's Ball: The Charger's offense got on track as they drove 80 yards on 14 plays before settling for an 11 yard Field Goal after an excellent Goal Line stand by the Panthers defense. The Panthers still led 7-3.

Agoura Running Game Unleashed

Newbury Park's Ball: Andrew Noble had a nifty 35 yard Kickoff return to set up the Panther offense with good field position. Unfortunately, the Charger defense stonewalled the Panthers forcing a three and out punt. Tavis Valenzuela boomed a 44 yard punt that died at the Charger 7 yard line.

Nick Cellona
Sacking the Agoura QB

Agoura's Ball: The Charger offense continued to roll with a drive that would continue into the Second Quarter.

After one period it was Newbury Park 7 - Agoura 3.

Ryan Matlock fighting for the ball

Agoura's Ball: The Chargers continued their 15 play drive that started in the first quarter. After driving 78 methodical yards, they covered the final 15 yards via the air. The PAT was partially blocked by Vince Carreon but now Agoura led 9-7.

The ball does draw a crowd

Newbury Park's Ball: It was not the Panthers ball for long as we fumbled the Kickoff Return right back to Agoura on our 11 yard line.


Agoura's Zone Read
Zager on the RB, Raduziner on the QB

Agoura's Ball: Agoura covered the 11 yards in only two plays. Their PAT attempt sailed wide right and the Panthers found themselves in a hole, trailing Agoura 15-7.

At this point, Agoura had run off 30 plays to Newbury Park's meager five.

Andrew Noble and his DB Friends

Newbury Park's Ball: We needed a sustained scoring drive to give our defense a rest and get back into the game.

We got it.

Nine plays covering 71 yards ending with a Tyler Hwang to Andrew Noble four yard TD bomb. Hwang then connected with Noble again on the two-point PAT pass play.

New ball game as the score was now Panther 15 - Chargers 15.

Jack Walsh pressuring the QB

Agoura's Ball: The Chargers moved the ball 49 more yards but the First Half would come to a close before any more points could be scored.

Agoura had dominated the first 24 minutes reeling off 44 plays for 226 yards compared to NP's 80 yards on only 15 plays. Still, we had survived the barrage as the halftime score was Newbury Park 15 - Agoura 15.

Time to regroup and make some adjustments.

QB Tyler Hwang doing his Geometry
homework on the sidelines,
BIG test on Monday I guess

He had quite a day passing for 141 yards with 2 TDs and a Two-Point PAT as well as rushing for 162 yards and 3 TDs. While taking a break from his studies, he also was in on 3 tackles including a key 4 yard tackle for loss in the Panthers' Goal Line stand in the Second Quarter. 

Jack Walsh on the Agoura QB

Newbury Park's Ball: Kaiden Raduziner's 28 yard Kickoff Return started the third stanza off right for NP. A six play 66 yard drive ended with another Hwang to Noble TD pass. This TD strike covered 26 yards, after a rare missed PAT, the score was now NPHS 21 - AHS 15.

Now, how would our Defense respond?

"Hey, you block him!"

Agoura's Ball: After a 32 yard run on the Charger's first play, the Defense would respond quite well stopping the Chargers on a Fourth Down play, their fifth and final one of a 36 yard drive.

Tyler Hwang
The Mad Bomber

Newbury Park's Ball: The Offense seemingly stalled after only gaining 27 yards on five plays. It was time to punt.


A fake punt found Hwang connecting with Raduziner on a 28 yard pass play to keep the drive alive. In retrospect, we believed that this play was the turning point of the ball game.

This drive would continue for five plays before Hwang snuck it in from a yard out via the "Paredes Wedge" play. Longhetto added the PAT and NPHS increased their lead to 28-15.

Get a Body on a Body
The essence of Offensive Line Play

Agoura's Ball: After a third Longhetto touchback Kickoff, the Defense wasted no time in getting the ball back for the Panthers. On the second play of the drive, LB Austin Matney had a QB Sack that he turned into a forced fumble that DE Jack Walsh recovered at the Charger 13 yard line.

Officially, this would be the equivalent of T&OP #2.

Andrew Noble TD Pass Reception

Newbury Park's Ball: Wasting no time, Ryan Matlock ran the ball 13 yards into the end zone on the first play of the drive. Longhetto's PAT was good again and the Panther's were in control, ahead 35-15.

Kickoff Team "Coverage"?

Agoura's Ball: The Chargers were three plays into their drive when the Third Quarter came to a close with the score
Newbury Park 35 - Agoura 15.

Mike Estandian
Kickoff Team Tackle

Agoura's Ball: The Chargers continued their Third Quarter ending drive with an additional two plays that led to an 11 yard TD pass. Their drive lasted five plays and covered 65 yards of which 45 yards came on three fifteen yard penalties on the Panthers for:  a. Helmet-to-Helmet contact and b. back-to-back Pass Interference calls. Their PAT attempt was wide right again but Agoura had narrowed the gap and now trailed 35-21.

It's High School American football,
you just HAVE to have Cheerleaders


Newbury Park's Ball: Let us respond SVP. It was time to grind it out, kill some clock and assert our physicality. Thus a drive composed of six run-only plays that covered 78 yards. Kalani Sanchez exploded through the final 10 yards to score a TD. Longhetto's PAT was perfect and it was now Panthers 42 - Chargers 21.

Alex Urias #50 and
Tavis Valenzuela #2

Agoura's Ball: Three plays gained 6 yards, it was time for T&OP #3!


Newbury Park's Ball: Four more running plays covered 75 yards and finished with a 4 yard TD rush by Hwang. Cole Thompson added the PAT to give Newbury Park a 49-21 lead.

Kaiden Raduziner is Airborne

Agoura's Ball: We cleared the bench and were quickly exposed as on their third play, the Charger RB romped 48 yards to cap a 65 yard scoring drive. Their PAT was no good and the tally was now Panthers 49 - Chargers 27.

Shan Gocke #8 was our
Special Teams Player-of-the-Game

Newbury Park's Ball: One kneel down out of our Victory Formation and the game was over.

Newbury Park (3-0) 49
Agoura (1-2) 27

Daniel "Frenchy" McCoy
in Pursuit

This was definitely a game of two very distinct halves. After being dominated during the first 24 minutes by the Chargers, the Panthers took control over the last two quarters by running 30 plays for 308 yards to Agoura's 18 plays for 172 yards.

Nick Cellona turning the Corner

Cellona cutting back

Can't Catch Me

Kaiden Raduziner's
Fake Punt Reception

NPHS's Fearsome Mascot

Ryan Matlock on the Reception

What Play?

WEDGE, of course!

Tyler Hwang is loose

Hwang TD!

Longhetto PAT

Get 'Em Nathan!




The Club

Ryan Matlock TD run?

Maybe . . .

Andrew Noble says it is . . .

So does the Ref!

The ref is Brett Phillips who I coached with at Rio Mesa H.S.  I thought that he did a very good job.

I also coached with Brett's Dad, Ed, for many seasons at RMHS too.

Alex Urias on the tackle

Ryan Matlock, GO FOR IT!

Kaiden Raduziner is Excited!

Shawn Gocke pressuring the PAT

Kalani Sanchez
42 yards rushing and a TD

Tyler Hwang
Loose Yet Again

with Mike Godfrey

I coached with Mike at both Rio Mesa H.S. and Buena H.S.

Mike is also a Ref now and was there to work the Varsity game.

Sanchez being led to . . .


Great Signal Brett!!!

Jacob and Vanessa
were in the House!

Getting a Rules Clarification

Mike Estandian, Shawn Gocke
and Daniel McCoy on Kickoff Duty

Noble in the Open Field

Trevor Martens
laying about

Sanchez in the open field

#79 Mohamed "MoMo" Khalid
Bringing It!

40 Minutes until the Varsity Game

Next up for the Panthers is a road trip to Goleta next Friday to play the 3-0 Dos Pueblos Chargers. It should be an interesting match-up.


Happy to be Alive

Jacob joining in on the
post-game "After-Glow"

Weird looking as my head is down as I tend to Jacob making it look like Mike's head is attached to my body.

A tired Tyler Hwang
took home the Game Hammer

Jacob in the Chutes

Hopefully, he will grow up to be a lineman someday.

Or a Wide Receiver perhaps

Bottom line, have fun Jacob

Agoura Head Coach
Charlie Wegher

Charlie was our starting QB at Westlake H.S. back in 1981, GREAT GUY and a pretty darn good coach as well!

Steve Chopp
Agoura Assistant Coach

Another GREAT GUY, Steve was the Westlake H.S. starting QB in 1982.

Both grew up in the Westlake H.S. attendance area.

Imagine that.

So who took all of these pictures ?

Only "The Shadow" knows

My guess is Laurie Contreras. 

Thanks Laurie!

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