Wednesday, July 2, 2014

The Ventura County Sports Hall of Fame, Chef Jacob and Max Turns One

It has been almost a month since my last post and Julien Urgenti from Lyon has been pushing me to post something new about our slow paced life in sunny California, so here goes.


On June 8th, we met at the Ventura Beach Marriott Hotel to induct five new members into our county's Sports Hall-of-Fame. One of those five was a very dear friend of ours, Rick Scott.

Rick Scott

Rick was a legendary figure in Ventura County as a former player at California Lutheran University, as a basketball official, as an assistant football coach at Newbury Park H.S., Moorpark College and Rio Mesa H.S., and as a head football coach at Hart H.S. and Buena H.S.

He was also an amazing character and a loyal friend.

It was Rick who made me promise to go coach American football in Europe with him once we retired as teachers. Unfortunately, he never got the chance to retire passing away suddenly of a heart attack back in 2004.

I was honored to speak on
Rick's behalf for his family

With Rick's Wife Sherry
and his Daughter Megan

Coach with Rick at
Buena H.S. in 2003

Babysitting Chef Jacob

Let's Make Cupcakes!

"O.K. Gigi!"

Almost Ready to Bake

Cooking is Fun!

They are HEAVENLY!!!

Grandnephew Max's
First Birthday

Our niece Lauren was excited

She had Great-grandma's House
spruced up for the occasion

Can we eat this?


Jacob, Ducks and a Fountain

They have a pool at
Great-grandma's House

Jacob swimming with Mike

Is this a U.S. Naval Air Station?

With my sister Linda

Proud Papa Lorenzo BBQing

Good looking/tasting cake

NOW we're talking!!!

Vanessa with Max and Jacob

Cuban Rocking Chairs

MUCH better now!

Two Moms
Lauren and Vanessa

Linda and Jacob

Nice Hat

Santa Monica Mountains Hike

 Mike overlooking the
Pacific Ocean

After our morning JV football practice last Thursday, Mike talked me into this wee, vertical stroll.

It was hot and I was definitely not in tip-top shape for it but the views from this area that was burned badly a year ago were worth it.

Lily Todd's Birthday

 Ventura's Clubhouse Fun Zone

I taught with Lily's father Ben for several years at Rio Mesa H.S.

I was also the person who officiated at Ben and Krystal's wedding several years ago. Today we celebrated their daughter's third birthday.

Mike and Jacob having fun

Jacob loves cars

Downhill Glide

"Hey Lily, want to race?" 

With Ben Todd, Mike and
Brian FitzGerald

Lily enjoying the singing

Ben, Lily and Krystal

Season Eighteen
Kingsmen Shakespeare Festival

This was our fourth consecutive
Summer attending the Festival 

 Tonight's Play:
Twelfth Night
or, What You will

You have to eat!

Laurie and I were joined by Brian and Koreen FitzGerald for a fun evening with the Bard.

The CLU Outdoor Stage
was ready

So were the croaking frogs that inhabit the small creek that runs behind the stage.

The USA was eliminated from the World Cup in Brazil today by Belgium 2-1. On to Russia in 2018!

Reading Is FUNdamental

This was the third book that I have read by Mosse and her interesting viewpoints on the magical, mystical Carcassonne area of southern France.

No, it is not Provence.

Short Stories

This book was full of good and not so good offbeat stories from Hammett's days as a pulp detective magazine writer.

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