Monday, July 14, 2014

Another Birthday and the Santa Barbara French Festival

Last Monday was my 67th birthday and we were invited over to Mike, Vanessa and Jacob's apartment for some pool time, Mexican food and dessert.

Jacob and I walking to the pool 

Face-to-Face in the pool

He saw right through my disguise

 Stand TALL Jacob

After a good hour in the pool,
it was back to the food fest

Burritos from Taco de Mexico were a BIG hit followed by . . .

Laurie's red velvet birthday cupcakes

A little quality time with Jacob
before the cupcakes

Laurie and Mike having some
quality time as well

 Jacob helping me blow out the
birthday candles

The cupcakes were delicious!

Vanessa loves Paris

Laurie and I love all of France as it turns out.

Takle me with you Papo!

It was a good day, thanks everyone.

On Friday night we joined our friends from our University of Washington days, Mike and Susan D'Antuono and Paul and Joanne Sabolic for the Pasadena Chamber of Commerce's Annual Gala to install their new officers for the upcoming year.

I didn't take any pictures but we had a great time!

Saturday we headed over to Rio Mesa H.S. to watch a little bit of their annual 7-on-7 Football Tournament and Linemen's Challenge. 

St. Francis vs. Simi Valley

St. Francis TD!!!

Good stuff as I am a St. Francis alum.

After an hour watching the games at Rio Mesa, we were off to Santa Barbara to experience their 26th Annual French Festival held at Oak Park.

This must be the place

 The Schedule of Events

 CanCan Dancers

Anybody see Toulouse-Lautrec?


Long Line Here

No line here but . . .

 A hot dog stuffed into a half
baguette, FRENCH STYLE!!!

 At a FRENCH Festival?

 Now we're talking!

Edith Piaf is IN THE HOUSE!!!

 Like we have to be talked into this

Lavender = No Scorpions in the house

Not a bit like the one in Paris


Baguettes from the Normandie Bakery & Bistro in Los Angeles.

Not bad.

Another French band

Here is some of their work

Sunday was spent watching the World Cup Final as Germany beat Argentina 1-0 in OT at Brendan's Irish Pub in Camarillo with Laurie and our bartending friend Cyndy Murphy.

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Olivier R said...

French festival or not i think i would not have resisted to a good old Philly Cheese steack!