Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Saturday

We celebrated Easter quietly on Saturday with Jacob, Vanessa and Mike at our home.

Laurie had her usual thousand
holiday specific decorations out and about

Jacob needed a snack before the
One-Boy Easter Egg Hunt

Poppo dutifully hiding eggs

St. Francis was a co-conspirator

Let the Hunt begin!

There, THERE!!!

St. Francis blowing his cover


Mike helping with an egg in a tree


Jacob seemed to enjoy the Easter Egg Hunt. Once it was over, it was time to be a little boy again. 

Jacob and his red '57 T-Bird

Hippy Power

Fun with Plastic Balls

Imprisoned with his Dad

Helmet on, time for a scooter ride

While I've got the helmet on,
I might as well take a few cuts
on the Batting-T 

The Dinner Table was ready

Do I have to wear these all dinner?

Good family time!

Now if we could just hook up sometime soon with Kevin, Jenn  and Andy . . .

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