Monday, April 7, 2014

40th Annual California Lutheran University Scandinavian Festival

On Saturday, Laurie and I headed up to Thousand Oaks to re-establish our deep cultural roots we grew regarding everything Nordic while in our wonderful six months living and coaching in Hässleholm, Sweden.

. . . or at least have some FIKA!!!

Lots of people wanted to enjoy a
sunny day in Scandinavia

Can you name the five Scandinavian countries? Answer at the end of this blog.

All the Nordic countries were represented,
these flags may give you a clue
to the question above

We got to hear each and every country's National Anthem to properly start the day off.

 SWEDEN #1!!!

 So many great people, places and memories!

Yes, we've been to beautiful Vinslöv . . .
"Plötsligt i Vinslöv."

Just after you entered the campus, you had to walk through a . . .


Boars are plentiful in Skåne

 Viking Weaver

How do they do it?

Viking Booty

Sleeping in Comfort 

 The 13th Warrior?

Something about him is just not
resonating as 100% authentic . . .

GREAT Storyteller

His tales of Thor, Loki and Giants had us absolutely spellbound.

Uh-oh, a Raiding Party on the prowl!

What was he looking for?

More Booty?

Why he raids!

 The Vikings were always in
need of more clogs I am told

Or perhaps they were in need of provisions . . .

Viking Dogs on the Grill

Sliced by a Master Viking Chef


Two orders of Swedish pancakes with whipped cream and lingonberry jam please.

While we were at it we also split a Viking Dog (nowhere near as good as the one's at the Finja games) and an order of Swedish meatballs, potatoes and even more lingonberry jam. 

Some coffee and a sweet Danish cinnamon crisp cookie and we had a California version of the Swedish tradition of afternoon FIKA!!!

It turned out to be a wonderful day!!!

Trivia question answer: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden 

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Johan said...

A late update but speaking about Finja the boyscout have started the season well. Today Finja won 3-1 against Österslöv.