Friday, August 2, 2013

Amy Hicks-Brian Rogeness Wedding

Last weekend our niece, Amy Hicks, got married in a garden wedding at her parents' home to her sweetheart, Brian Rogeness.

This wonderful event was cause enough for a meeting of the Contreras and Hicks clans.

It all started with our Las Vegas contingent joining us the day before the nuptials at the La Quinta Hotel in Santa Ana. 

One of the Minions joined us

Grandson Kevin was on his best behavior

Kevin and his Mom Jenn
at breakfast on Saturday

Pool time for Kevin and his Dad Andrew

Mike and Jacob were at the La Quinta
pool on Saturday too

After this refreshing dip in the pool and nap time for the little ones, it was time to gear up for the wedding.

Classic Truck for our Couple

The Wedding Arch

The Ring Bearers

This is a SERIOUS responsibility!

The North Las Vegas Contreras Clan

The Oxnard Contreras Clan

The Wedding Book

All systems are now GO!!!

Down the aisle

Amy and her Dad David Hicks

Lyndsey McKenzie
The prettiest Matron of Honor
in all of Christendom

And gainfully employed mind you!

The ring

Sealing the Deal!

Mr. and Mrs. Rogeness

Their First Dance

Three Generations of Contreras
Dancing Machines

Amy and Aunt Laurie

"Dance with us Mrs. Rogeness"

The Camarillo Contreras Clan

Saturday Night Fever?

Dancing the Night Away

Laurie, our nephew Tim and
Laurie's sister Gayle Hicks

David Hicks and Laurie

Laurie, Kevin and Artie

The Girls

The Guys

Amy's version of
The Evil Eye

To say that everyone had a great time would be tremendously understating the joy that this union brought to all in attendance.

Next up for us is a week in Manzanillo, Mexico.

Life is hard but we will continue to attempt to make our way through it.

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