Monday, July 22, 2013

A Weekend at the Brucker's

A Fourth of July Photo

A late entry that I really like from the camera of Vanessa Contreras.

Over the past two weeks things have been relatively calm in Camarillo. The highlight was a trip to Newport Beach to visit our college chums Loren and Sandy Brucker and their family for a beautiful water weekend.

 Jacob was styling!

Jack Brucker, Jacob and Laney Brucker
by tranquil Balboa Bay

Jack and Laney are the Brucker's grandchildren.

Pay no attention to the man buried in the sand by his son.

 Madonna and Child
a.k.a., Vanessa and Jacob

After a quiet Friday on the Bay side of the Newport Peninsula, on Saturday we all headed to the Beach!

 The Pacific Ocean

 Ruby's Restaurant on the Balboa Pier

 The Usual Suspects
Sandy, Laurie and Loren

Ryan Brucker holding his daughter Laney
and Mike Contreras

That is Jack frolicking in the surf.

Jacob discovers the illicit beer cup

 Jack shepherding Jacob

Mike, Laurie, moi and Jacob

By the end of the day, Jacob had developed a very healthy respect for the power of the Pacific Ocean.

 Tug Boat

On Sunday, the group opted for a self-guided cruise of Balboa Bay.

But not on a tug boat.

 We would rent a craft here

 Fun Zone Ferris Wheel

 Frozen Banana . . . YUM!!!

 Jacob hitching a ride on Papo


Jacob at Sea

 "What do you mean can I swim?"

 Bromance #1
Mike and Ryan

Bromance #2
Jack and Jacob

Like Fathers, like sons.

The Legendary Balboa Ferry
Doing it Three Cars at a Time

 Our Crew

I like him

Foie Gras?

Proud Grandparents


Jack jumped ship just before we returned to port to join his cousin Mia on the paddle board.


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