Sunday, December 4, 2011

Granada Hills Semi-Final Playoff Game

On Friday, after getting rear-ended (I'm okay) in the early afternoon, I picked up our son Mike at Newbury Park H.S.

After the usual light meal at El Tepeyac in East L.A., we were off to the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles. Why you say?

Los Angeles City Division II Semi-Finals
#3 seed Granada Hills Highlanders (7-5)
Fourth Place West Valley League
#2 seed John Marshall Barristers (10-2)
Northern League Champions

Modern Day Hi-Tech Spirit Sign

Tweet your pride? Really?

Punting is such a lonely affair

Marshall was proud of their new Field Turf playing surface and all weather track. They do not have lights at their stadium so in order to host this game on campus, they rented three sets of portable mega-lights for the occasion.

What budget crunch?

The Barrister

No, the Marshall mascot is not a coffee making specialist.

A barrister is a lawyer. A barrista is the person who makes your skinny, non-fat, double cap, soy, pumpkin latte -- no whip.

John Marshall was the 4th Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, serving from 1801 to 1835. Thus the Barristers moniker.

Why the one hour drive to see this particular playoff game? The simple answer is friendship.

Paul Sabolic taking on the Granada Hills
offensive line single handedly!!!

I first met Paul on the football practice field at the University of Washington in 1967. A fellow offensive lineman, he has always been one of the good guys.

He is listed in the program as the Assistant Head Coach for the Highlanders and spent the game up in the booth spotting for the team.

We would spend the game roaming the Granada Hills sideline while talking football with Paul's son Jason who is a coach at Pierce College.

Nick Boutros, Granada Hills WR


The Highlander Offensive Line

They were impressive from the get-go! Big, strong and physical, they paved the way for work horse running back Brian Sanchez who had 38 carries for 225 yards and 4 TDs.

They also did a nice job in pass protection, a Sabolic specialty, as their QB Joshua Szin completed 16 of his 23 passes for 262 yards and a TD.

Great Line Get-Off

If you do this well, it can lead to a . . .


After one period, it was a 7-7 tie.

Marshall's DE Michael Ahumada #2

He is listed at 5'-7" and 175 lbs.

I think that was being very generous.

Ahumada was scrappy and kept coming back for more play after play after play even though he was, at times, being abused by the Granada Hills line.

Granada Hills knocking on the door

A great first half with lots of action saw Marshall leading at the intermission 20-13.

I had the pleasure of talking to Paul's wife Joanne during the halftime festivities. A lot is going on with both of our families as it turns out.

Barrister Kickoff Return Wedge

Unfortunately for this group, Granada Hills has an unidentified player who will certainly be the First Team All-State Wedge Breaker.


Barristers turn to score

At the end of the three quarters, it was Marshall in control 34-19.

That's when it got interesting.

Granada Hills put on a furious comeback to tie the score at 34-34 with 1:10 left in the game.


Marshall's RB Walter Moctezuma

The Barristers' offense came back to life led by the slashing running style of Moctezuma who had 19 carries for 175 yards and 3 TDs.

With only 20 seconds left in the game, Marshall kicked a 42 yard Field Goal to win the contest 37-34.


#2 seed Marshall (10-2) will now meet #1 seed South East (12-1) this coming Friday for the L.A. City Division II crown at East Los Angeles College.

Meanwhile, in the C.I.F. Southern Section . . .

2011 Western Division Playoffs

Semi-Final Playoff Results:
Culver City 37 - Santa Monica 0
#2 seed Arroyo Grande 45 - #3 seed Chaminade 36

Championship Game:
Friday, December 9th
Culver City (10-3) Ocean League Wild Card at
#2 seed Arroyo Grande (12-1) PAC-7 League #1

Thun Tiger Pride

We bought a new couch on Saturday but this huge sign for sale at the furniture store may be an omen of good things to come in Switzerland.

Laurie said, "No."


Ryan Bolland said...

A DE who is 5-foot-nothin' and 100-and-nothin' and kept coming back for more play after play? I think you forgot the part about where he records a sack on the last play of the game and gets carried off the field, right?

George said...

He didn't quite do the Rudy thing but it was close.