Monday, December 26, 2011

Buon Natale, God Jul, Frohe Weihnachten, Feliz Navidad, Joyeux Noël, Glædelig Jul, Gelukkig Kerstfeest and a very Merry Christmas

It was the usual gathering of the Clans over the weekend as our families got together to celebrate Christmas 2012.

It was our first Christmas as Grandparents

Michael and Vanessa gave us these two new snow grandparents for our doorway.

Laurie's sister Gayle

Our first stop was on Christmas Eve in Orange County at the home of David and Gayle Hicks.

The Always Fun "Gardner" Girls

From top to bottom, Left to right: Lyndsey, Gayle, Laurie, Amy and Sarah.

You had to be there

Left to right: Tim, Amy and Sarah

No REALLY, you had to be there

From left to right: John, Lyndsey, David and Laurie

Some form of musical "entertainment" shall we say is a traditional part of the Hicks Christmas Eve festivities.

Gayle is multi-talented when it comes to the arts

Brian on the left is trying not to laugh.


Andy, Jenn and Kevin were present in spirit

They were in their home in Las Vegas hosting Jenn's family but sent this top hat full of cookies!

We'll see them during the upcoming New Years weekend.

Nothing says the Holidays like Dessert

The Hicks were great hosts as always and we all had a grand time!

On Christmas Sunday we hosted my side of the family at our home in Camarillo.

My Mom Chuny and my Aunt Katie

Mike sampling Laurie's cooking

Quality control is key on this day.

Michael and his Aunt Linda

Goofy Hat Day

I wear these suspenders twice a year, these were the two days in question.

With my sisters Marilyn and Linda

Vanessa and our newest
Grandson to be named later

Due March 17th.

Marilyn was a Theater Arts major at U.S.C.

Fortunately her husband John Wintroath loves movies too.

My Mom LOVED her Team Spain Soccer Hat

The bath robe was a big hit as well, but I think she liked the hat more. Michael was her 'Secret Santa' this year in the family drawing.

Vanessa loved her son's new Michigan jersey

She is hoping that the youngster will someday be a doctor like his Great Grandfather was.

At least that is the story that I'm going to print.

More Dessert


Lauren, Lorenzo Jr., Ivan and Lorenzo

Lorenzo is our niece Lauren's significant other. The two very polite young men are Lorenzo's sons.

Chocolate from Switzerland

Swiss Flag Luggage Tags

Laurie had a theme going in her presents to me.

You can NEVER go wrong with a Brighton purse

The Doctor's first Hawaiian Shirt

Grandparenting was another of the day's themes


A happy pregnant woman is a good thing for all

Mustache Key Ring Stocking Stuffer

Laurie has tons of football related ornaments

A whole tree's worth

Next up, the Alamo Bowl
Washington vs. Baylor


Reading is FUNdamental

Mike D'Antuono sent me this book to try to get me out of my Scandinavian crime noir funk for a bit. The main character in this series is an interesting one by the name of Jack Reacher. Besides this novel, Mike also sent me another in this sixteen book series by author Child.

I don't know if Mike was feeling a little guilty, having gotten me started on the Stieg Larsson "Dragon Tattoo" series two years ago, when he sent me this latest read but I found it quite different and more than a little enjoyable.

Only 15 books to go in the Reacher Series.


David said...

You may only wear the suspenders twice a year, but I think the hat is a regular feature.

Alexander said...

You have a beautiful family!!! You are very lucky!!!