Sunday, June 26, 2011

Conejo Passing Tournament

Your Rio Mesa Spartans spent the last two days competing in the 20 team Conejo Passing Tournament. The tournament is played on the three Field Turf gridirons at Newbury Park, Thousand Oaks and Westlake High Schools.

We played three games on Friday evening at Westlake H.S. vs. Westlake, Santa Maria and Oaks Christian.

Today we were back at it bright and early at Newbury Park H.S. vs. Ventura, Nordhoff and Palmdale.

The six games saw the Spartans play well in spots and not so well at times. All in all though, we continue to make progress each day.


Tanner Wrout Holding

Juwan Beard in Coverage

Darion Zimmerman: "HELP ME!!!"

Christian McNair airing it out

You have officially been Re-Wrouted

Keith Kemper, a.k.a, THE CLUB


Jordan Nunnery, Two Catches in One Play

Joe Alamillo, HURRY!!!

Gabe Doungtran, Cover 1

Ben Quantock, Breaking a Saints' Ankle?

James Turner, Ball Room Dancing Lesson

Matt Espinosa in Coverage . . .

. . . Double Coverage


Oaks Christian LB, landslide winner,
"Tournament's Best Dressed Player"

LB Joe Alamillo still working on his game


Mitch Haerterich proving a
good stance leads to . . .

. . . a TOUCHDOWN!!!

Good stance by James Turner

Hey, isn't that Newbury Park's newest teacher/coach, Mike Contreras, refereeing in the background?

Nice Coverage James!

Three REALLY old coaches!!!

Ventura H.S.'s Phil McCune and Brad Steward are two good reasons to still love high school football in Ventura County.

GREAT coverage by
Jordan Nunnery and Jaylen Stewart


Football Ballet

Interception by Tanner Wrout

Back in the Flat, Jordan Nunnery

This Ref is KILLING us!!!

Nice Catch by a Ranger

But not a Tank Ranger

A few of the Rio Mesa Parents


Joe Alamillo, INTENSITY!!!

Wrout Runs Amok

TD Ben Quantock



TD Jordan Nunnery

Two long days in the Sun were over. Next up are three more 7-on-7 games at Rio Mesa next Thursday vs. Santa Paula, Pacifica and Agoura High Schools.


David said...

Does this mean you're back to being President for Life of the County Coaches Association?

George said...

Nope, I'm just visiting the County for a few months.