Friday, July 1, 2011

Another Day of 7-on-7 at RIo Mesa

If it's Thursday, then it must be time for more 7-on-7 passing games. Today our games were 30 minute affairs at Rio Mesa against Agoura, Pacifica and Santa Paula. We continue to make headway on a steady pace.

Jordan Nunnery getting open

7-on-7 is simple really, receivers trying to get open vs. defenders trying not to let receivers get open. Jordan rushed for 1,100+ yards last season.

Runaway Freight Train on Track #11

Tanner Wrout was another of our running backs last season and he also rushed for 1,100+ yards.

It is nice to have these two RBs returning for their Senior campaigns.

"Hit the Tight End!!!"

Mitchell Haerterich is our TE who is about to battle his way into a pass route.

Crossing Routes

Ben Quantock flying across the field

Jaylen Stewart attempting
to surround a pass

Up for Grabs

Deflecting the pass is our newest OLB, Andrew Gonzales, who transferred in yesterday from Oxnard H.S.

Senior QBs Trent Thornton and . . .

. . . Christian McNair

They continue to compete for the starting job on a daily basis. Trent had the edge today.


Nick Pizano and Keith Kemper on defense

What the . . .???

Maybe he transferred in yesterday from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

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nancy711 said...

rio mesa's new olb name is andrew espinosa not gonazales.