Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas 2010

Christmas week was busy and bittersweet. In the course of four days we said goodbye to Laurie's Dad, hosted Laurie's side of the family on Christmas Eve and my side of the family on Christmas Day. No matter the reasons, it was very good to be with family and friends during this Holiday Season.

Liduvina Perez and Linda Contreras

Liduvina is our daughter-in-law Vanessa's mother and Linda is my baby sister.

After the memorial service for Laurie's Dad, Bill Gardner, on Wednesday, many who attended came back to our home to offer support and tell great stories about Bill's life.

They were all greatly appreciated.

Dylan Moore and Jenn Contreras

Together they explore the wonders of the cell phone. Dylan is a bon vivant/gadfly about town, while Jenn is our daughter-in-law.

Dylan's Grandmother, Debi Murphy,
and Laurie

Family and friends. . . family and friends. . .

The Gardner side of the Family
on Christmas Eve
Lyndsay, Brian, Amy, Craig and Andy

Sisters Gayle Hicks and Laurie Contreras

Florene Gardner doing Parlor Tricks

Don't play with your food!!!

Zany is a good word for this group. . .

. . . Exhibit "A"
My brother-in-law David Hicks

Christmas Goodies

The "Who is the Shortest" Line
Sarah, Amber, Amy, Gayle and our winner. .

Our niece Lauren Wintroath with our daughter-in-law Vanessa

Christmas Day and more zaniness.

My Sisters
Linda Contreras and Marilyn Wintroath

Jenn and her bold husband,
Andrew Contreras

Michael Contreras as the
Ghost of Christmas Future

Two GREAT Holiday Chefs

Marilyn Partakes

Lorenzo is Lauren's beau,
Marilyn and John Wintroath

The Contreras Kids

My Mom, Chuny and my Aunt, Katica

Chuny, Andy and Jenn Contreras

Mike and Vanessa Contreras

Laurie and George Contreras

Mike Contreras' latest autobiography

Next up, a trip to San Diego for the Holiday Bowl game between Nebraska and Washington. We only lost to the Cornhuskers by 35 points back in September.


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