Monday, December 20, 2010

Blogpost #1,000!!!

One Thousand. . . that's a lot of blogposts indeed!

On Friday, I had the privilege of presiding as a Deputy Commissioner for Civil Marriages at the wedding of our good friends Ben Todd and Krystal Garcia.

This was the fourth time that I've been asked to officiate a couple's special day. It never ceases to amaze me how honored I feel to be a part of a couple's wedding ceremony.

Ben and Krystal were married at the beautiful little chapel in Oxnard's Heritage Square.

Ben was on time for once,
where's Krystal?

Ben making his Vows to Krystal

No surprise here, he was quite eloquent while she was very passionate.

Mr. and Mrs. Todd

The Wedding Cake complete with two AWESOME Dia de los Muertes
wedding figures

A toast to Ben

The Wedding Cake First Bite Exchange

They were very civil with eachother during this tradition, which can become warlike at some weddings.

Good luck to two
very nice people!!!

Meanwhile, back on the football front. . .

The high school football season in California finally came to a close as the teams from northern California won four of the five State Bowl Games over the weekend in monsoon conditions.

2010 California State Championship
Bowl Game Results

Open Division
Concord De La Salle (14-0) 48
Anaheim Servite (14-1) 8

Division I
Palo Alto (14-0) 15
Corona Centennial (14-1) 13

Division II
Folsom (14-1) 48
Gardena Serra (14-1) 20

Division III
Escalon (14-1) 30
San Diego Madison (12-2) 14

Division IV
La Jolla The Bishop's School (14-0) 40
Stockton Brookside Christian (12-1) 14

Meanwhile, back in Sweden, the NorraSkåne newspaper ran a Johan Hammarqvist article on the equipment that we are shipping to the Hurricanes. You can read the always interesting English translation at:



Ryan Bolland said...

Just in case you were unaware, Escalon is coached by Scott Boer's dad. Also, the Hurricanes have a nice tribute to you and your most recent donation on the home page of their website (

Anonymous said...

Yay to Ben and Krystal! It was a beautiful and touching ceremony that brought tears to my whole row of ladies! You had a great photographer for some of those pictures George! ;)

George said...


Thanks for taking the pictures!