Saturday, August 8, 2009

Rehearsal, Golf and BBQ

Thursday and Friday have been two very busy days leading up to Mike and Vanessa's wedding this Saturday. Thursday's highlights included the arrival of many of our out of town friends and family for the wedding rehersal and the rehersal dinner.

Andy and Jenn arrived at our house from their home in Las Vegas.

Apparently Laurie was still giving Andy some words of wisdom as seen here.

The exterior of Santa Clara Catholic Church

The ultra Gothic interior of Santa Clara Catholic Church

Andy with the Unity Candle as Mike greets people

Grandpa Bill and Laurie discussing the California state budget in the background.

Two proud and happy Moms

Liduvina Perez and Laurie are both glowing this weekend.

Mike does not seem too nervous . . . YET

Ryan and Jack Brucker

Ryan has always been like a second brother to Mike and will be a groomsman on Saturday.

Jack will be handling the ring bearer duties like a true professional I've been led to believe.


Tito Perez and Vanessa taking a practice stroll up the aisle.

Vanessa's parents, Tito and Liduvina, were celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary Thursday!

At the rehersal dinner, Laurie gets a present.

After the near perfect rehersal, we adjourned to BJ's Brewery in Oxnard for the rehersal dinner with the wedding party and our out of town friends.

Dinner for 38 please.

Sharing a Bowl of Cherries

Laurie and her sister Gayle have this thing about cherries, note Laurie's necklace.

Possible Mafiosos meeting at BJ's

A good time was shared by all in BJ's outdoor patio.

Where did Mike get those pants?

Friday morning we scheduled a golf outing with 11 rugged hombres taking part at Ventura's Olivas Links Golf Course.

Brian FitzGerald using his eagle eyes to line up another stroke.

Craig, David, Andy and Tim sharing a relaxing moment as they wait for our foursome to tee off.

Craig opted to be a spectator while David was the official photographer/caddy of the day.

Mike and Andy both agreed that David should quit his job as a neonatologist and go to work on the PGA tour, he was that good!

Back at Casa Contreras for a BBQ,
Mike holds Jack Brucker's sister
Laney Grace

Could Jack someday be the starting QB for the Catania Elephants?

Jack staring down Ryan's blitz

Jack showed no fear and hit his hot receiver for a nice 12 yard pick up. FIRST DOWN!

All of the preliminaries are finished and now it is on to Saturday. . .

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