Friday, August 21, 2009

End of Summer

The summer is officially over for me today as we hold our first official practice for the 2009 Rio Mesa H. S. Freshman football team this afternoon. I have not blogged since Mike and Vanessa's wedding so I have a lot of catching up to do!


Through our old family friend, Father Juan Jose, who has spent 50+ years working at the Vatican, Mike and Vanessa received this Papal Blessing for their marriage on their wedding day.

Yes, this is the same Pope Benedict whose picture hangs ever so proudly at Fundo Bianco, the Catania Elephants' team bar.


Vanessa with Laney Grace Brucker

The day after the wedding we gathered at Yolanda's Mexican restaurant in Oxnard for a nice Sunday Brunch.

Jack and Ryan Brucker

Mike with Scott Hicks

Harley's Bowl in Camarillo

Brian FitzGerald trying to pick up a spare.

A few of the usual suspects gathered for a few frames of friendship at the local bowling alley.

Automatic Computerized Scoring

As you can see by the scores, we were long on friendship and short on bowling prowesss. I wisely opted to be a spectator to enjoy the full comedy on display.


My Chrysler LHS attacked me!

No stiches were needed but while blood was shed, tears were not.


The Ed Phillips Pool Complex

The Rio Mesa staff has always been a very social and fun loving group. This mid-summer get together was no different.

Rick Torres was one of the main BBQers


Italian sausage appetizers were a must!

My Mom, Chuny, in white, with my
Aunt Katy in pink

Good times indeed!


Koreen and Laurie enjoying the
Island Brewing Company

We were invited to the FitzGerald Beach Compound in Carpinteria about 30 minutes north of Camarillo for three great days of mostly overcast skies.

Linden Avenue leads straight to the
Pacific Ocean

A refreshing fountain in downtown Carpinteria

A VERY cool beach cruiser at Starbuck's!

The Spot

A Carpinteria culinary landmark serving GREAT burgers!!!

Gerber Daisies

We drove up to Santa Barbara to find the sun and found a delightful street market to further add to the fun on State Street.


Freshman Dennis Bolling getting his first pair of shoulder pads.

This is the most tedious day of any football season, the day you issue the gear. It is a slow process as you try to find the correct fit for the maximum safety for each player.

We got through it.


The Grandmas

Last night we drove up to Ventura to Nicholby's to see the Granmas perform yet again. The band includes Brian and Koreen FitzGerald's son Mike, and Tom FitzGerald's son Tom.

Their ability to play their instruments showed tremendous improvement since I last saw them play in December. Their vocalizations have also gotten better.

Now it is on to the fascinating world of coaching 14 year olds!

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