Sunday, July 8, 2018

Of a Few Days Getting Over Jet Lag and Seeing Family and Friends

Wed.-Sat., July 4-7, 2018

Home, sweet home . . .

On the Fourth Of July we joined our friends Koreen and Brian FitzGerald at their beach condo in Carpinteria to celebrate our nation's 242nd birthday.

Prosecco Time in Carpinteria!

Skorpion culture meets California lifestyle.

It worked. Our friends enjoyed it, too!

On Thursday we got some good news from the world of EuroBall . . . 


Skorpion WR Martino Piazzi is going to join us for the Europe Warriors game in August in Mexico against the University of Chihuahua.

 LB Ivan "Swito" Raso in Prague

Apparently Swito hits the European road at the start of every Summer for an extended tour of the Continent on his Harley-Davidson.

He sent me this picture of him in Prague today.

Why is he in full Skorpion game gear?

Does he ride all over Europe dressed like this?

Meanwhile, back in Camarillo on Thursday . . .

We now have a family of birds
squatting under our house's eave

Vanessa, Mike, Jacob and Mary came to the house for a visit.

Mike eating lunch out of his new
wooden bowl made by Pacio

It was well over 100°F/38°C in Camarillo which is a rarity to say the least.

This heat wave meant only one thing . . .


Mary was a bit tentative

After a great afternoon with our loved ones, we gladly accepted Jacob's request for a sleepover.

Jacob and I went to the park at the Camarillo Community Center to enjoy their playground facilities where they were setting up for a free concert later in the evening.

Jacob said he wanted to go, so we went back and collected Laurie for a night of culture.

The small stage was set

Jacob the Volunteer

The two of us walked up to the only lady handing out the free concert programs. She commented that she could use some help on this warm night.

Lacking anyone to enforce California's Child Labor Laws, Jacob excitedly got to work.

Turns out Jacob is a good worker

Mac and cheese, a tape measure
to play with and music

What more could a boy ask for on a warm Summer night?

The Community Band was GOOD!

So was the snuggling
 A bible bath was Jacob's idea
of a perfect ending to a long day

Friday was a long day for me as I had to drive in the continuing heat wave and traffic back down to LAX to pick up our two missing bags.

Originally told by Norwegian Air that they would drive the bags out to Camarillo, I was now told that since it was Vueling Air who had lost them that I would have to drive to LAX to pick them up.

Round trip on a hot Friday getaway afternoon, FIVE HOURS!

The only thing that took the edge off of the driving ordeal was breaking it up with a fun lunch meeting in Burbank with Mike D'Antuono and Paul Sabolic. 

Paul and Mike are wonderful old friends from our shared University of Washington days and two of my dyed-in-the-wool blog followers.

As always, it was fun catching up with these two zanies.

In the evening we gathered with some Rio Mesa H.S. friends at Institution Ale in Camarillo for a much needed beer on this hot day and a surprisingly good pizza even by Varese standards. 

Friday and Saturday was Italian
Football League Championship
Weekend in Parma

Friday night featured the
DIII Championship Game

The 10-0 Imola Ravens beat the
8-3 Catania Elephants 28-20


I coached the Elephants back in 2008 and 2009 and was rooting for them to bring home the Gold.

On Saturday afternoon the DIII
Championship Game kicked-off

 The 11-0 Bologna Warriors beat
the 10-2 Roma Pretoriani 30-14

I was pulling for the Warriors in this one because of their young WR/K Edoardo Gulisano.

Edoardo was just a young pup back in my Catania Elephants days when hid Elephant Hall-of-Fame Father, Tony "The Pony" was playing LB for us.

Tony's entire family was wonderful to us, so I had to root for the Warriors.

I was now 1-1 on the weekend.

The DI Final was set for Saturday night

 The DI Playoff Bracket

The 12-0 Milano Seamen defeated
the 10-3 Bolzano Giants 28-14

After a rocky start, the Seamen played a flawless Second Half to bring home their second consecutive Italian Football League DI Championship.

The Seamen's Head Coach is Mike Wood who was my roommate in Mexico City last Summer when our Europe Warriors All-Star team played the University of Mexico in Olympic Stadium.

Mike serves as the Warriors' Defensive Coordinator while I am in charge of the Warriors' Special Teams and Offensive Line.

Final Championship record for "my" teams, 2-1.

On Saturday, Frontier
Communications fixed our
wifi problem

YAHOO, we were back on-line!

Saturday was also my . . .

. . . 71st Birthday

How did that happen?

Laurie and I had a quiet day at home before enjoying a good dinner at Oxnard's Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar.

It was a good day despite the . . .

. . . lizards attacking our
backyard rabbits

"Dogs and cats living together . . ."

Yes, we do miss Italy already

But our family, friends and California are pretty sensational too!

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