Monday, February 22, 2016

Mary's Baptism

On Saturday we gathered in Oxnard for the first important religious event our granddaughter Mary Elizabeth's life, her baptism.

Santa Clara Catholic Church

 Andy, Jenn and ever playful Kevin
drove in from Las Vegas

Andy was given the honor of being Mary's God Father.

Mike and Mary Elizabeth

Laurie was almost as radiant as Mary

 Santa Clara is very nice inside

 Ornate Altar Area

 Cool Ceiling too

 Mary was ready

"All parents, God parents and chidden to be baptized, please assemble at the front doors."


A total of ten children were to be baptized in the day's ceremony but somehow the church forgot to assign a priest or deacon for the festivities. They only discovered their error moments before kickoff.

Fortunately, a deacon from another parish was able to fill in at the last minute. The ceremonies started about 30 minutes late which was a disaster of biblical proportions for the parents trying to keep the many small children under control who were in attendance to see their brothers, sisters, cousins or friends officially join the Catholic Church.

Vanessa with Mary,
God Mother Elizabeth Perez,
Mike and Andy

The pouring of the Holy water

The Ceremonial Candle
about to be extinguished

 A liberal dose of aromatic
Chrsim Oil

Mary is a HUGE Rolling Stones fan

With the Deacon

We all thought that he did a good job, especially given the pinch-hitting circumstances.

Mary on the Altar

Lion Queen?

Great-Grandmother Chuny
with Mary

All of Mary's family and friends had a good time after the Baptism at Mary's home.

Another GREAT day in Ventura County to be sure!

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